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Agent’s top tips for letting properties quickly

High end lettings agency Carter Jonas has offered landlords a series of tips to renting out their properties quickly and successfully.

They are:

- Walking on wooden floors – Igor Simonov, Head of Lettings Fulham Parsons Green says, “If ever in doubt whether to choose carpets or wood floors – always go for wood floors in larger homes. Tenants that prefer warmer or cosier-feeling floors can always buy rugs for extra comfort, and most crucially wooden floors last longer and therefore make a better first impression long term.”


- A sweet-smelling dwelling – Simonov also insists that the fragrance of a property is very important and can ‘make or break’ a deal when wanting to secure asking price. He suggests a simple plug-in air freshener or room diffuser can make all the difference. Also, the smell of fresh paint in the hallway gives a great first impression.

- Colourful kick – David Ornsby, Head of Lettings Marylebone and Regent’s Park says, “Properties which have been thoughtfully decorated, with added colour on the walls, will also look more attractive than a property that has been whitewashed throughout. We are seeing more properties come onto the market with bold colours on the wall, which just separates them from the norm and is a simple way of adding character to a property.”

- Keeping glorious gardens – For private landlords who want to ensure their property’s garden remains beautifully maintained, Tommy Newbigging, Head of Residential Suffolk advises opting for an all-inclusive package for tenants, which includes guttering, window cleaning and garden maintenance. This ensures quality control and peace of mind for the landlord and protects the tenant from any unforeseen charges at contract end.

- Heavenly hamper – Newbigging also suggests that a landlord welcome gift, such as a hamper with locally sourced eggs, biscuits, and wine, is a great start to building a long and fruitful relationship with tenants. He says, “Showing you care from day one helps build trust and can go a long way when you want to renegotiate terms.”

- Fitted for purpose – Fiona Bourke, Head of Lettings in Newbury believes that good storage remains crucial and solid fitted wardrobes in bedrooms is an easy way to win favour with tenants. It also means the tenant is more inspired to keep a tidy house.


- If in doubt, sort the bathroom and kitchen out – across the board, all Carter Jonas’ offices agreed that the impact of well-designed and good quality bathroom and kitchen continues to be the top of every tenant’s wish list. Investing upfront means less maintenance costs down the line and it means the property will photograph well to achieve asking price.  Another differential is whether appliances are high spec and top brands – Gaggenau appliances will always carry value.

- Think Clean - Lajla Turner, Head of Lettings South Kensington and Knightsbridge says, “Applicants have neither the time nor imagination to consider how a property might look post cleaning. If the landlord professionally cleans a property before viewings, it shows they care, and they are more likely to attract a tenant who does the same. Anything from re-siliconing and re-grouting to a fresh coat of paint reaps financial rewards.

- Wired for sound – Sharon Hunter, Head of Lettings Bath says, “It’s essential that your property is ‘wired for sound’, meaning it’s all ready with a broadband telephone line to be made live.” Plus knowing the strength of wi-fi can help secure asking price as tenants like to know they can get online immediately and work from home with minimal fuss.

Earlier this week the agency controversially called for landlords to allow pets in their homes. You can see that story here

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    High end agency ?? I'll stick to my little independent agency here in Norwich who I've used very successfully for 20 yrs thanks all the same.


    I would rather have a lower rent than half a dozen eggs.

    With me, they get neither but they do get a safe well maintained home and a stable rent as long as they behave themselves.


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