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Another council urges landlords to think twice before evicting

Another council is urging landlords to seek alternative solutions to tenancy issues how the eviction ban is at an end.

The emergency measures came into effect last year and ended last weekend.

Now Derby council has joined others in introducing a scheme named Call B4 You Serve.


This is a free, specialist and impartial service for private landlords, designed to help them avoid serving an eviction notice by dealing with tenancy issues early.

The scheme provides a range of services including creating a ‘personalised housing plan’ for tenants at risk of eviction, help resolving rent arrears by providing a financial assessment for tenants, advice and signposting about leasing properties to support housing providers, and a free tenant-finding service for any vacant properties.

The council claims that by working with the service, landlords have been able to avoid lengthy and costly legal challenges, and keep their properties filled.

A spokesperson for the council says: “The coronavirus pandemic has left many people struggling with rent payments, leaving landlords out of pocket and with no way of retrieving arrears.


“While eviction may seem like a quick solution, alternatives should be considered and Call Before You Serve can help identify these. By working with the team, many landlords have been able to keep their properties occupied and have avoided the lengthy and costly legal challenges that come with an eviction.

“We’re committed to working with both city landlords and tenants to help them work through any tenancy issues, in order to keep people in their homes and support landlords to achieve secure and reliable tenancies”

To get in touch with the service, landlords should call 01332 956444 or email prs@derbyhomes.org.

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  • George Dawes

    I do wish councils would stop interfering and stick to what they’re best at

    When someone figures that out , please let me know


    😂😂 sad but true.

  • icon

    Eviction is never a quick option and usually it is the act of a desperate LL who has tried everything else!

  • Andrew McCausland

    There are some Councils who do seem to want to work with landlords in a collaborative manner that is best for the LL, the tenants and the Councils (who often have to pay very expensive emergency accommodation rates if the PRS can't help house those in need). It is in everyone's interest for this to happen.

    Unfortunately too many Councils seem to attack the PRS at every turn, making life difficult by gold-plating tenancy legislation creating extra costs for LL's and bringing in badly thought through selective licensing schemes. Add in their recommendations to stay in properties until the last moment even after evictions have been granted by the courts and you understand why many LL will not respond well to this plea.

    It seems ironic that having bashed LL for many years some Councils now seek our help to prevent the avalanche of looming evictions. I suspect that the Councils that have treated LL fairly over the past years, trying to form constructive alliances with the PRS, will find that their calls for help will be better received than others.


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