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Another mortgage lender urges landlords to improve buy to let EPCs

Specialist buy to let lender Landbay is the latest to try to turn landlords green by offering discounted mortgages for rental units with ‘good’ Energy Performance Certificate ratings. 

All Landbay’s green products offer a 0.1 per cent or 0.05 per cent reduction against their non-green counterparts, depending on the property’s energy rating.

By lowering rates in accordance with property EPC ratings, the company says it hopes to incentivise energy efficient rental properties as an attractive option for landlords. 


Examples of the new rates include: 

- 5-year fixed rate with an EPC A/B rating – 3.15% up to 65% LTV, down from 3.25% - 1.5% fee;

- 5-year fixed rate with an EPC A/B rating – 3.25% up to 75% LTV, down from 3.35% - 1.5% fee;

- 5-year fixed rate with an EPC C rating – 3.20% up to 65% LTV, down from 3.25% - 1.5% fee;

- 5-year fixed rate with an EPC C rating – 3.30% up to 65% LTV, down from 3.35% - 1.5% fee. 

All green rates are available to properties that have been registered for over 24 months with an EPC rating of C and above.

Landbay managing director Paul Brettsays: “Properties being let by landlords are obliged to have at least an E rated EPC. However, the government has said it wants as many as possible to be upgraded to band C or above by 2030.

“We hope our green mortgage range will go some way to help achieving that goal and incentivise more landlords to consider adding energy efficient properties to their portfolio.” 

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  • George Dawes

    An A rating is virtually impossible , no doubt that'll be the minimum in a few years time

    95% of the PRS will be destroyed - all done on purpose

  • icon

    How wonderful in an ideal world ! I’ve been unable to get Green Deal funding twice now as the system couldn’t cope with demand.So on my small rental portfolio I have an empty end terrace house as it isn’t energy efficient enough to rent out via AST legally…( I applied for wall insulation last time, before Goverment pulled funding I even tried to sell it to council / housing association but it needed too much work even though it’s been fully double glazed decorated etc etc. :0(


    Surely you can remortgage at that .05% discount and all your problems will end! Oh - just done the maths and that 3.15% mortgage is more expensive than every mortgage I currently have! Your only option is to leave the PRS and sell to an owner occupier who has no obligation to improve the EPC.


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