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Council considers 50% tax premium on second homes

A public consultation is underway on proposals for a local authority to increase the council tax premium for second homes - including holiday homes to let - to 50 per cent.

Anglesey Council raised its premium on second homes to 35 per cent in 2019 and now it wants to increase this to 50 per cent from April next year.

Anglesey Council says it uses £350,000 each year from the premium, and has so far helped more than 90 local residents, who did not own a property, to buy their first home. 


With more than 2,000 properties on the island still currently unoccupied during parts of the year, the council says it now wants to gather extra funding from the premium to help more local residents get on the housing ladder.

Council finance portfolio holder Robin Williams says: “Through this consultation process, we’ll be seeking the views of Anglesey residents, owners of second homes on the Island and operators of self-catering accommodation, on our intention to increase the premium to 50 per cent from April 2022.

“The existing premium charge on second homes has already helped us support Anglesey residents to secure their first homes and live in their local communities. Raising the premium would allow us to give more of our young people that extra support needed to get on the housing ladder, which is currently so difficult because of high property prices.”

The consultation is open to Anglesey residents, owners of second homes on the island and operators of self-catering accommodation. 

The online consultation can be found here: www.anglesey.gov.uk/second-homes-consultation and closes on August 6.


Welsh local authorities were given powers to introduce an extra charge on dwellings occupied periodically – second homes or long term empty properties - back in 2017. 

At present 10 local authorities in Wales apply the second home premium, which ranges from 25 to 100 per cent. 

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    Robin Williams should change his name to Robin Hood. But how ever romantic that figure might be portrayed theft is theft which ever so called legal tag you wish to stick on it.

    Ferey Lavassani

    Rubbing bast....d more like it.

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    • 17 June 2021 10:04 AM

    Got to take money from the hard working landlords to feed the lazy parasites.


    Taking money from any business = increased costs to customers , in the case of lazy parasites this = homelessness which then = problems for councils and government, what turns around comes around and bites on someone's back side down the line.

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    Any Government robbing Peter to pay Paul will have the unwavering loyalty of Paul! A quote from someone but I don't remember who.

    Margaret Thatcher said that the problem with socialism is that eventually they run out of other people's money.

    This is because there are many more Pauls than Peters but eventually the better off Pauls turn into Peters and find they are now being robbed!

    I suspect that is what has happened with much of the Northern Red Wall but can't understand the lefty Londoners voting to become Peters!


    Its cos the metropolitan elite feel guilty about their money inherited or otherwise & want us all to share in it just so we don't feel left out


    I'll happily reduce their guilt and bank balance if they just ask me!

  • Matthew Payne

    I assume its empty 2nd homes when an occupier is responsible for paying the council tax, not the owner?

  • icon

    The complete red-herring here amongst the 'surveyed public' is that money fixes everything. Basically, if we can get anyone whom we perceive is richer than us to just give us their money, our lives will be complete. It's a fantasy that now has been adopted, surprisingly, by our Conservative government. It just doesn't work. If you want a functioning society you have to allow free commerce. These rules unfairly target investors/ LLs to try to fix a problem that cannot be fixed by money alone.


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