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Furnishing a property? Top tips for best quality and best value

If you are furnishing your long-term let or holiday let, a new guide to the best value second hand furniture may be useful.

The websites Clearitwaste and Furniture Disposal London have analysed online listings on eBay and suggests that IKEA is the most popular furniture brand for second hand sales.

In second place comes John Lewis furniture, followed by Next, Argos and Marks and Spencer.


Furniture Disposal London has also devised tips for landlords and others wanting second hand furniture, to secure the best quality pieces at the best prices.

1. Shop Around: The site says “It’s important to not just go for the first item you see listed at a discounted price. Look at other sites in other locations to see if you can get it any cheaper”;

2. Use Spelling Mistakes When Searching Online: “Usually those who make spelling mistakes when uploading their listings will have less traffic to the item they have uploaded. This means that you won’t have to compete with other buyers”;

3. Meet Face-to-Face to Review The Item: “Often online, people will try and cover up any imperfections, so make sure you see it in person before paying for it”;



4. Don’t Be Afraid To Haggle: “Most sellers online will put their prices up higher to ‘test’ how much people will pay, ask them what the minimum is they are willing to pay for - and negotiate around that”;

5. Look At What The Seller Has Listed Previously: “This is to make sure they are legit. Be wary if they have ultra-cheap listings of multiple different items, as it could mean that they are not a legitimate seller.” 

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  • George Dawes

    I'd let it unfurnished , furnished is asking for trouble


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