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Government website asks tenants if they fear 'revenge eviction'

The government has launched an online checker in a bid to avoid disputes between landlords and tenants over the entitlement for repairs. 

A joint exercise by the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government and  the Ministry of Justice, the tool will take individuals through a guided pathway to establish what the issue is and offer them tailored information, guidance and signposting. 

The government says this aims to help both sides of the issue understand their rights and responsibilities, and identify an appropriate next step when trying to resolve issues before their problems escalate.


At a key stage in the checker, it tells anyone who has admitted that they have stopped paying rent: “You should continue to pay rent even if your landlord has not carried out repairs. Otherwise you may be at risk of eviction.”

Depending on the answers to questions during the process, the online checker also asks the user: “Are you concerned you will be evicted for asking for repairs?” And: “Is your landlord or letting agent entering your home without notice.”

Again depending on answers, the checker may guide the user to contact the local council, or organisations such as Shelter or Citizens’ Advice.


Justice Minister Lord Wolfson says: “We are committed to ensuring that people have access to early legal support as it is vital that problems are resolved before they escalate. This pilot will help us understand the role of early legal support and how this can be designed around what works for people who need it.

“I am delighted that we are able to deliver this work with support from MHCLG and advice sector organisations.”

You can see the checker here.

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    MHCLG must know full well they themselves are the main cause of virtually all disputes between LL & Tenant is that not what they have been doing year on year. This is more of it and then to tell them to go to Shelter and or Citizens two anti LL Organisations that’s done so much damage to private LL’s.
    Regarding Repairs my life has been taken over doing Repairs but not from wear & tear. The Repairs is the damage and alterations done by the Tenants, so the question should be does your LL want to evict you for the damage you have done. The Tenant knows not a need to worry with Gov’, Shelter, Citizens Advice, Generation Rent & loads more to side with them, what has been done to help us but nothing.

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    • 28 June 2021 08:16 AM

    Of course they do....poor vulnerable tenants with no support.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    MHCLG and Tenant support groups are Not taking responsibilities for THEIR large contribution to Tenants difficulties, - by trying to protect the 5 % of Non-compliant Tenants.


    Rogue tenants are decent tenants' worst enemy.

    How can we get that message across?


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