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Online agency tells renters how to pass tenant referencing

Online lettings platform Mashroom says there are four tips for tenants who want to boost their credit ratings to have a better chance of passing referencing tests.

They are: 

1. Include rent payments on your credit report - Services like Credit Ladder allow you to add rent payments to your credit score via Experian and Equifax. “These are a great way to boost your score if you’re a reliable payer” claims Mashroom.


2. Prepare - Get all of your documents in order, such as bank statements, proof of address, income, and employment. Check your credit report regularly, and report anything which is inaccurate. 

3. Be honest - If you think you might not pass referencing, tell the landlord beforehand. Tenant referencing and credit checks aren’t the same as when you take out credit or a loan. The decision doesn’t lie with a computer. The landlord has the final say.

4. Ask a Guarantor - If asked to provide a guarantor, there are various requirements that need meeting. In some cases, the guarantor will need to earn more than 2.5 times the annual rent. It can be as much as 3.5 times though it’s the landlord who decides.



Mashroom chief executive Naveen Jaspal tells tenants who has not passed referencing: “You need to work out why you have failed, is it because you were a bad tenant in a previous property? If so, then you will have more work to do in building up the trust of a new landlord. 

“Most of the time, getting a guarantor would allow you to pass your referencing, so ask a family member or a friend to be your guarantor. Guarantors usually need to already own a property as collateral. If you don’t have anyone to ask, guarantor companies exist, who agree to be your guarantor for a fee. 

“Often talking to your prospective landlord about the reasons behind your failing the referencing process, and explaining the reasons - for example, you were made redundant during covid and fell into arrears, helps the landlord understand that you are not a risk."

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    If a tenant fails referencing checks then that's it no tenancy, just not worth the risk now.

    Theodor Cable

    And why should I give them the benefit of what is obviously a proven doubt!!!!!!!!
    They only have themselves to blame.

  • icon

    It’s all about guarantors now and that will be the next thing Shelter/GR will want to have outlawed

  • Theodor Cable

    Easy. No guarantor, no lease.
    And Shelter can scram and shout as long as they want. It just won't happen.

    Scream on Shelter, we know you are evry good at that!


    Theodor, I have one question. As you seem to dislike tenants so much, why are you a landlord?


    J E, we like tenants they are our customers, what we don't like are the free riders no one in any business like customers that don't pay.

    Theodor Cable


    I do it as a business. And in business I do not expect to be crooked and robbed, and at times abused. Mentally AND physically.

    So those who do the crooking and robbing are not wanted in my business world and they need to be shown the door.

    On the otter hand I have had many, many tenants that I love and are still friends over the long term.

    In those ways it works well for all involved and everyone wins.

    Those who try to get someone else to pay their debts are just immediately out of my game.

  • icon

    Julian, we appreciate and respect our Tenants they are our friends mostly and do everything possible to help them, for any potential Tenant that don’t like LL’s don’t rent from us we don’t want you, buy your own, a chip on the shoulder is too much hassle don’t need it.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    FAO Mr Eagles,
    Shops ( like landlords ) like customers, just not Thieves who pretend to be customers but then Steal.
    Not hard to work out.


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