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Present and past private tenants to play major role in city housing strategy

Private tenants in a major city are being invited to take up a voluntary role helping to shape the local rental sector.

Tenant consultancy TIS is working with Glasgow council on a trailblazing project called the Tenant-Led Housing Commission. 

The Commission will take evidence, scrutinise and deliberate on a variety of housing-related issues, and will be responsible for:


- Investigating the nature and extent of privately rented housing across Glasgow City Council area, and how it functions to meet varied housing needs and demands;

- Engaging with key stakeholder groups, anchor organisations, and the local community;

- Agreeing a structure for collecting information and storing data; and

- Producing reports and recommendations for reforms that will influence the city’s housing strategy. 

Ilene Campbell, chief executive at TIS, says: “Communities will gain a platform to shape Glasgow’s Housing Strategy and play an active role in improving private rented housing standards, whilst taking on new challenges and building personal and career development skills. If you are passionate about your community reaching its full potential, please consider applying. We would love to hear from you.”



A council spokesman adds: “The establishment of a Tenant-Led Glasgow Housing Commission offers us the chance to consider the issues facing many people in the private sector, and from this recommend actions to tackle these issues.

“A key condition of the establishment of the commission is that most of the people sitting on it will have experience of being a tenant in the sector in the city, and this lived experience will be a great benefit in reflecting the reality of the situation and making the necessary recommendations.”

There’s more information here.

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    Seems a key player is being excluded again, were is the landlord input in all this?

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    Why would they ask LL’s we are irreverent, we are only the owners we don’t have any rights.

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    do not engage

  • girish mehta

    Easy of time and money, Clueless politicians trying to get noticed and plying for votes.
    How can they improve rental and housing standards when the main lnvestors are excluded from the project. Tenants do not not invest in houses. They only get licence to stay in properties for a period is agreement. Wand to live in palaces then be prepared to pay for the services and rules that follow. Don’t expect to live in place and expect for free. Don’t believe idiot politicians who are looking for their next meal ticket


    The Daft thing is what is the point in tory MPs chasing the tenant vote, how many tenants are ever going to vote tory, about as many as landlords voting labour


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