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Activists demand another eviction ban until law is changed

There’s a new call for all Section 24 evictions to be suspended until the passing of the Rental Reform Act - which hasn’t even been introduced into Parliament yet and could take a year or so to become law. 

The call comes from activists including Generation Rent, in the latest edition of The Big Issue magazine, which claims evictions will contribute to “an avalanche of homelessness this autumn once Covid-related support ends.”

It claims that in the first quarter of 2021, there were 632 mortgage repossessions and rental evictions across the UK, “meaning a new household was made homeless every 3three and a half hours.”


The Big Issue says there are four developments which will create homelessness this year - an end to the Universal Credit uplift, an increase in evictions and repossessions, an end to the furlough scheme and a predicted increase in the cost of electricity and gas.

It quotes Baroness Alicia Kennedy - director of Generation Rent - saying: “The number of private renters getting Universal Credit has doubled since the start of the pandemic, and the level of support it provides is not enough to cover the rent. That means people getting behind on rent and at risk of eviction. Even if their income recovers, it will be impossible to pay off all this debt while staying on top of other bills.” 

And The Big Issue founder Lord John Bird adds: “More people are at risk of homelessness now than at any time in living memory. Against a background of 1.9m jobs at risk of permanent loss from the pandemic, this should be ringing alarm bells throughout the country.

“The government was quick to support us when they put over 37,000 homeless people into accommodation in the first lockdown. We need a similar urgent approach to prevent an avalanche of homelessness this autumn.”

The Big Issue says the government should introduce a raft of measures include introducing a system of means-tested grants or interest-free-loans to repay arrears and suspending evictions until a Renters’ Reform Act can be passed.

A campaign has been launched, encouraging the public to get involved by signing a petition and putting themselves forward as local campaign champions. Organisers are also asking people to write to their local politicians in support of the proposals.

Baroness Kennedy concludes: “The government must step in and clear this rent debt and let renters get on with their lives. Otherwise society will pay a higher price through a homelessness crisis.”

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  • George Dawes

    Whereas an avalanche of landlords going bankrupt is acceptable ?

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    Why not stop paying £8.6 billion to false Claimants that would house quiet a few homeless or are they your supporters and protesters that moan and complain about everything.

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    I'm sure that paying tenants are safe in their homes, I don't understand why any non paying tenant should be allowed to stay in a property owned by someone else though.

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    I agree with more financial help for people at risk of losing their homes, but the eviction ban places the costs of defaulting tenants on the landlord, including rogue, criminal tenants against whom there is little protection, and whom we all fear. I have always had lovely, honest tenants who have kept my houses in good condition and paid on time, but if I can't evict without it getting nasty, I'm out. My plan is to sell one property a year from now on.

  • George Dawes

    They’ll be going even further in future , just watch

    Part of the great reset is confiscation of private property , sounds mad I know but you’re dealing with power crazed psychopaths here , not normal rational human beings

    The way I see it they’ll enforce such ridiculously difficult criteria to match their climate change scam I mean agenda that 90% of property will be impossible to ‘improve’ to match the ratings , therefore the property will become un lettable and unsaleable , the government will then take it off you and rent it back to you if you behave like a good little sheep . Only government and big business controlled property will be exempt. Why else would Lloyds etc move into the rental market ?

    Join the dots

    You’ll own nothing and be happy

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    Guess what all those high rise boxes in the Sky with dodgy construction methods, cladding or prefabricated modular Porto Cabins type stacked on top of each other, not suitable for family use will be fully compliant.

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    So a tenant that stops paying rent and accrues significant arrears in excess of £16,000 leaves the property dirty and then goes for their full deposit return whilst the landlord has to live with relatives as he cannot afford to keep the property anymore is acceptable is it? Whilst I agree that tenants that are genuinely struggling should be dealt with sympathetically and appropriately this should not be at the detriment of the landlord who was good enough to allow them to rent their property in the first place.

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    I had seen that to I suppose they don’t know the difference between Section 21 & Section 24, we do because they are manipulated to destroy us.

  • George Dawes

    The way things are going we may as well give the keys and the deeds to the tenant and let them deal with all the endless red tape crap

    In a few years time I can see this being a viable option


    I agree George. It’s a strange world when the owner has next to no rights.

  • John  Adams

    632 Repossessions including Mortgage defaults in the first 3 months, hardly an avalanche and how many of these were for pure rent arrears, as opposed to driving the neighbours up the wall, drug dens, and various other scenarios? How many were local authorities having to evict? I suspect that if you had an actual breakdown of these numbers the truth is as a business a landlord doesn't want to lose a good tenant and will work with them to get the rent paid up. The reality is these folk live with mummy and daddy and learnt only the politics of envy at the University of Corbyn. The idea that they are owed something for nothing has become ingrained in society, and it will come home to roost if PRS becomes Corporate, I can't see the likes of John Lewis, taking on any of these folk who are protesting.

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    Why let rent arrears accrue to the tune of 16k?
    If you make a car purchase over a number of years then stop paying, you can't expect the company or any company to ignore the debt. It should be no different with properties.

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    Article 20th July’21 where Generation Rent where calling for a stop to Section 24 Eviction Bans.
    Generation Rent getting Laws changed and didn’t know the difference between Section 21 & Section 24.
    They were now able to announce Eviction Ban to Public before the Minister. This is corruption, collusion and conspiracy.


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