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Ban on eight Airbnb landlords operating on the same street

Eight landlords letting flats on the same street have been banned from renting them out on Airbnb.

The Edinburgh News website says the city council declared a breach of planning laws and ordered the eight listings to be removed from the Airbnb platform, as well as the Booking and Expedia websites.

Edinburgh News says the eight flats were found to have been used for 25 days every month; the owners were given until earlier this month to stop the lettings but they have now launched a joint appeal against the decision to the Scottish Government.


The owners claim they have not breached planning consent and that they avoid group bookings which may have anti-social consequences.

Meanwhile the council says for the flats concerned “the significant level of occupancy and turnover is significantly different from residential use. Irrespective of outside ambient noise, disruptive movements associated with the intensive operation have been reported to the council by neighbouring residents. The intensive use of the flats for short-term letting has led to a deterioration in the living conditions of adjacent residents.”

A specific decision on the appeal is expected later this year: a council consultation on a new licensing system for short lets runs until August 13.  

Under the proposed legislation, councils will have until October 1 2022, to establish a licensing scheme, with all short-term lets to be licensed by April 1 2024.

Existing hosts and operators must apply for a licence by April 1 2023.

You can read the full article here.

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  • George Dawes

    Quite right , Air Bnb are a total nuisance , attracts noisy people with no regard for their neighbours

  • icon

    I can only give my experience and that is I operate airbnb or if you prefer Serviced Accommodation along with hmos and single lets. The thing I find amazing with SA is how little problems you get in the way of noise and how well the properties are looked after.

    It seems when people are paying for a night what you get for a week for the same property you get a very different type of clientele. Sometimes it is very difficult to know whether someone has even stayed in the property. Like so many things with property until you do it you do not understand what it's all about, the perception is very different from the reality.
    Jim haliburton HMO daddy

  • icon

    Why not Ban John Lewis from the Private Rented Sector to run their own Department Stores. Likewise Lloyds Bank one of UK’s biggest Banks owing The Halifax, Scotish Bank etc. Likewise General Accident massive Insurance & pension Business. Keep to your own Industry, what ever happened to Monopoly and Mergers Commission.

    Theodor Cable

    We agree to have a Laissez Faire market.
    And long may that last.

    John Lewis will never be able to run their plan in the long terml.

  • icon

    It is simply the Councils and some neighbours, if ANY have complained being absolute A...holes just BECAUSE someone is making a little bit more money. in any case the Taxman's income increases, I guess! I am not into AirBnB, but as long they are not not causing a problem, one cannot see a problem. It is envious residents and the wasters in Councils wanting to be dictatorial and Authoritarian, FAR TOO MUCH OF THIS FROM SOME OF THE UNEMPLOYABLES IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR!!


    Airbnb has blighted the lives of many residential areas in Edinburgh in recent years.

    This is welcome interference from the Council for once.

    The real culprits are the SNP and their December 2017 legislation which banned tenants and landlords from agreeing a mutually convenient fixed term tenancy which allowed landlords to rent good flats to students from September until May, refurbish in late May and get higher tourist rentals in June, July and August. Many former student flats are now full time Airbnb lets with inevitable adverse consequences for hapless neighbours.

  • George Dawes

    I agree 100% Robert


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