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Council wants witnesses to alleged illegal eviction

A council is appealing for witnesses to help with its prosecution of a landlord for illegal eviction.

Sohila Tamiz who is a manager of privately rented properties in Margate is being prosecuted by Thanet District Council for the alleged unlawful eviction of tenants in breach of the Protection from Eviction Act 1977.

The defendant appeared before Canterbury Crown Court back in December 2020. 


Three other defendants - Adam McChesney, Pedram Tamiz and Kasem El Dharratt - appeared at Folkestone Magistrates Court in March and May this year, in relation to the same and other cases at the property. 

These cases have been sent to Canterbury Crown Court to be joined with the main proceedings. The Crown Court case now has four defendants who will be tried in regards to allegations of unlawful evictions and harassment associated with the management of properties in the town. 

It is understood that the defendants deny these allegations. 

Under the Protection from Eviction Act 1977, tenants are protected from both unlawful evictions and harassment. It is unlawful for a landlord or other person to deprive a tenant of their property without following the correct legal process which requires an order from the Court before a tenant is removed, even where there are arrears of rent. 

It is also an offence for any person to do any act calculated to interfere with the peace or comfort of the tenant or their household with the intent to cause the tenant to leave the property. 

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    Basically that reads. Tenants break a legal agreement and the state supports them with the full power of the law.

    PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Yes Adrian, problem is only clauses broken by a landlord are given any weight in a tenancy agreement.

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    They are it appealing any LL witnesses.

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    I remember being in a dodgy Glasgow pub. Several other drinkers went up to a guy on crutches and said. "What happened to you? I'll be a witness."

    It looks like this is what the Council wants in this case. "Witnesses wanted. Full training given."

    If they need more witnesses then it looks like their current allegations are potentially unfounded.

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    surely witnesses before action?


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