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Help us Boris! Landlords to submit plea to PM for aid to sector

The National Residential Landlords Association says it’s going to submit a report to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Chancellor Rishi Sunak, and Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick outlining the need for help for the private rental sector.

The submission will be prepared following an online event which will be addressed by both a Conservative and a Labour MP.

Government data shows that in England, since the start of lockdown measures in March last year, the proportion of private sector tenants in rent arrears has tripled. 


The NRLA claims that such increases are not sustainable for either tenants or private landlords, the vast majority of whom are individuals.

With the governments in Wales and Scotland having developed bespoke schemes to help tenants pay off COVID related arrears, the association is holding a webinar to consider the scale of the problem landlords now face in England, why the Chancellor needs to act to address this and what that action should look like.

The founder of the Big Issue, Lord Bird of Notting Hill, Nigel Mills MP, a Conservative member of the Work and Pensions Committee, and Yvonne Fovargue, Labour Chair of the All-Party Group for Debt and Personal Finance will be addressing the online event.



Chris Norris, policy director at the NRLA, will also be speaking.

The session, at 10am next Tuesday, will open up for questions and general discussion with those attending.

The NRLA will then prepare its report.   

You can register for the event here


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  • George Dawes

    The government want to destroy the PRS that's obvious now

    What a waste of time

  • George Dawes

    One more step to destroy the working and middle classes , property is their pension and their income , take that away and what have you got left … it’s all just a coincidence of course , nothing is planned and it’s all just happening as it goes

    If you believe that I’ve got 3 magic beans for sale

  • icon

    I don't believe that the Government want to destroy the PRS. It is a fact that there was an explosion of Landlords once we entered the new century, most owning one or 2 properties. This is an enormous source of revenue that the Government have tapped into.
    The situation has been made worse by many Landlords acting like 80's builders (Harry Enfield) loads of money spring to mind, which has put focus on this sector. Add to this the growth in property and it is easy to see why we have been targeted by the tax man. That said I don't believe they have gone about this in the right way. Taxing people on loans has had a consequence of rents being drastically increased.
    Additional legislation has meant more costs, this again has pushed rents up.
    The media are to blame also, focusing on poor Landlords whom are the few rather than the responsible Landlords the many.
    Moving forward i hope the government wake up to the situation and I urge all Landlords to write to their local MP to convince them to take a more balanced view.

  • George Dawes

    I'm unfortunate to have builders that make harry enfield look competent . the great British work force or should that be farce ?

    Tbh if the future is everything done by robots , can't wait !

  • icon

    But they all have wonderful sign written slogans and a member of all those trade bodies, most are very well educated those days unlike their predecessors many proper trades people who only a had a birth Certificate, now days all have iPhones and all the theories about work but haven’t got it in the hand. The cost of get work done & material costs has gone through the roof plus extra law requirements, we can do without Councils loading on unfair unjustifiable, unnecessary costs to collect soft money with no input or responsibility on them.

  • George Dawes

    Just wait until they move the goalposts on epc , mine all seem to expire in 2030 , how convenient, just in time for the great reset …

  • George Dawes

    Ok not destroy , completely control.


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