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Overwhelming support amongst renters for 12 month-plus tenancies

New research suggests an overwhelming number of renters want longer tenancies, a trend pushed further by the uncertainties of the pandemic. 

A survey of over 1,100 tenants commissioned by Ascend Properties found that 93 per cent of those asked think that tenancies longer than 12 months should be more widely available within the UK rental market.

Some 81 per cent also stated that the pandemic and the turbulent rental landscape that emerged, as a result, have made them more likely to rent a property for longer than 12 months.


The driving factor behind tenant demand for longer-term tenancy agreements is the security they provide, with many having no choice but to move on at the end of the year should their landlord choose not to renew.

However, wider lifestyle choices also ranked high, with the opportunity to make a rental home feel more like their actual home placing as the second most influential reason.

The ability to better plan for the future also provides great appeal, with the ability to lay a stronger foundation within their personal life also ranking high.

Other appealing factors included a greater sense of being part of the community and a more stable foundation for their professional life.


Ascend managing director Ged McPartlin says: “The ability to rent the same home for a far longer period of time is an integral part of this lifestyle shift and it’s clear that it not only offers a greater sense of security, but also the opportunity to lay strong roots within a particular area without having to opt for the route of homeownership.”

The survey was of 1,186 tenants conducted on July 21.

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  • George Dawes

    Be nice if for once they actually consulted landlords ?

    All one way .... vote catching

  • icon

    Since Landlords own the property should not their views be taken into consideration. If renters want to establish routes in communities they have a very simple - PURCHASE THEIR OWN APARTMENT / HOUSE.
    If councils have so many opinions on what landlords do - why don't they purchase buildings and enter the rental sector. Frankly this is just ridiculous and will move more landlords to move out the of rental sector. I myself am slowly divesting my portfolio of properties.

  • icon

    My mortgage conditions do not permit tenancies longer than 12 months so that is one obstacle. And tenants who sign up for 12 months often ask to be released early - or just leave - due to a change of circumstances.

    Most of my tenants started on 6 or 12 months and then went periodic and stayed as long as they wanted. A good tenant is hardly ever asked to leave so in many ways this is a non story.

    Bill Wood

    Tricia - any idea *why* the mortgage company has this restriction? Seems a bit odd to me.


    One of our flat's superior lease specifies a tenancy of not less than 6 months and no more than 12 months. The Managing Agent can then charge their Letting Fee of £100 annually.

    Theodor Cable

    That's a great idea......I think I will consider annual contracts that need to be resolved by each 9th month.

  • Bill Wood

    This was a survey of tenants. That kindof explains why landlords were not involved.
    But the survey is of use to landlords, as it gives us confirmation (not that we needed it) of what our customers want.

  • icon

    They have longer Tenancies already as so many on here have repeatedly told us and that includes me, we have had some Tenants for years. The problem is when forced to have bad Tenants as of right making it impossible to get rid of them, that’ll be right up their street, leave things alone and stop meddling in our business, we are not trying to get rid of Tenants just sorry the day they leave. They talk about stable foundation why then do Government have a Benefit System specially designed to break up families unit, Its obviously to favour one parent Families a contributory factor in a broken Society.

  • icon

    Good tenants can stay as long as they like, often years, keep it at 6 months then we can get rid of the rogue tenants before too much damage is done .

  • icon

    It looks like I am in a different world to the rest of you. I can see little difference between six months and 12 months and who forces the tenant to leave after 12 months ? I suppose the landlord could use the soon to be abolished section 21 but that takes months to implement and a streetwise tenant could string it out for years . I want my tenants to stay forever . Most of my work is created by tenants leaving and having to prepare the property and find new tenants. If I want to sell the property it is more valuable with tenants in situ than with vacant possession.

    I offer indefinite tenancies and would urge all landlords to do the same as it will create good PR along with a no eviction policy and guaranteed performance standards.

    I can understand landlords concerns about not being able to get rid of the bad tenants without the ability to resort to section 21 but my experience is every bad tenant also does not think you have to pay the rent. I've never used a section 14 so I do not know how easy it is to evict for ASB I always evict for rent arrears which when you know how Is simple. I have written rather landlords a manual entitled 'DIY Eviction' which shows you how to legally, quickly, cheaply and easily evict tenants for rent arrears.

    Jim Haliburton The HMO Daddy

  • George Dawes

    If they pay the rent and are good tenants they can stay forever as far as I’m concerned

    Unfortunately I’ve had my fingers burned recently and I now ask for a years rent up front or goodbyeeeeee

  • icon

    Jim, how right you are we are Worlds apart. As I understand you over the years you are a HMO room letting LL, there lyes the difference. I don’t let rooms and never did so why is HMO’s license’s forced on LL that let whole property as one let so generally we are not HMO’s just a theology invented by Council to grab cash. One let one Contract joint & severally responsible each & everyone so how can they be all deemed to be separate when they are as one.

  • icon

    Honestly Jim,I wouldn’t buy a property with Tenants insitu not that I would buy a property ever again anyway with so many rogue regulators having a laugh, if not vacant don’t bother it might be the very reason its been sold, its bad enough to get stuck with a Tenant that you took on, at least you know the full story rather than buying with the trouble already installed.


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