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Baroness claims many more “facing” eviction than actually evicted

The Baroness leading the campaign group Generation Rent claims the official figure for evictions in the second quarter of this year “represents a small number of renters who have faced eviction.”

Baroness Alicia Kennedy, director of the group, was responding to the government releasing figures showing 1,516 evictions took place in England and Wales between April and June this year.

She says: “These figures are a huge increase on the previous quarter, despite restrictions on evictions by bailiffs only being lifted in June. But this still only represents a small number of renters who have faced eviction. 


“There are thousands more who have lost work and got behind on their rent during the pandemic, and will find it difficult to repay that, even if their income recovers. It is almost impossible to move to a new home if you’re relying on benefits, so these renters face huge uncertainty in the months ahead while they wait to be told when the bailiffs will arrive.

“Only a Covid Rent Debt Fund to clear these rent arrears will help renters back to their feet and remove the threat of homelessness from thousands of families. The government must act urgently to relieve this hardship.”

Earlier this week Paragon Bank revealed that its research has highlighted each landlord has an average of 1.3 tenants with rent arrears - actually the lowest since the start of 2011. 

The latest figure comes following a decline from 1.6 tenants per landlord in the early part of this year, with the numbers of tenants in arrears falling consistently after climbing to 2.1 in Q2 2020, as the pandemic impacted incomes.

In addition, the average amount of outstanding rent has reached a four-year low. 

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    If you delay a process it's only logical that more will be waiting on it happening.

    Make evictions faster and less people will be waiting on eviction, everyone can get on with things and newly vacated properties can be let to more deserving tenants.

    Would this make the Baroness happier?

    Theodor Cable

    You/we will never make her happy.
    As far as she is concerned, all LL are evil money makers, bent on evicting every tenant in the country!

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    Mine are all up to date with their rent so there's no problem here, since I stopped renting to benefit claimants I 've not had a problem.

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    write to father of HOL--point out her untruths and state that she is bringing HOL into disrepute?

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    bureaucrats screw everything--get rid of 50% of public sector each year--billions saved

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    she, her husband, and bird are all troughers

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    She’s just another warm hearted soft headed Champagne Socialist. But not so much of a Socialist that she would give up her meaningless title.

  • icon

    Other than my GP I don't do '' titles '' they are just plain Mr Mrs or Miss to me


    That won't please the trans self identifiers, but that's another reason to use Mr, Mrs and Miss!

  • George Dawes

    Not her again 'rolleyes' , another out of touch lefty with no experience of the real world of business pontificating about subjects she's obviously clueless about

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    The fact is private LL’s shouldered the biggest burden of rent arrears in the pandemic, helping out Tenants no end, some paid me half full months while others weren’t able to pay so I gave them free months. However most are getting back on track but I know it’s not possible to get the arrears, but they are ok generally and better this way than starting all this legal wrangling. Paragon Bank proves we are not nearly as bad as painted, she says 1516 evictions in a quarter by the looks of it, so what percentage of millions is that ?, ok supposing tax payer bails out again & clears all the Arrears for everyone, then that will suit the dodgy tenant who can start the arrears all over again.

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    Half a loaf is better than no bread.
    Regarding Gender the Government made a right mess of that, can’t help themselves with public Schooling / Boarding Schools etc, impose their will on everyone else confusing so corrupting the young and sometimes vulnerable persons, some roll models they are. So if they come to me and whatever the Birthday Certificate says, I simply put Mr or MS.


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