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Early warning of student complaints about Covid-compliant lettings

A new survey has shown what may be an early warning of complaints over the Covid-compliance of purpose built student accommodation in the coming academic year. 

Research by Manor Interiors has found 78 per cent of those questioned believing their accommodation could be improved in the light of the pandemic.

When asked which aspects of their current accommodation were the biggest cause of these concerns, space and ventilation topped the table.


A lack of ventilation and not being able to fully open windows was one of the driving factors of Covid concern while at university. A lack of open space within their student accommodation also ranked joint top as one of the biggest worries.

A lack of sanitisation in communal areas was also a worry, ranking as the third-largest concern.

The sheer volume of staff and students coming and going from student digs also ranked high on the list of concerns, along with a lack of automatic doors meaning students had to regularly touch the same door handle.


Farhan Malik, chief executive of Manor Interiors, says: “Covid is unlikely to disappear any time soon and it’s important that we adapt across the board to deal with it. The design of student accommodation is no different and whether it’s the delivery of new units or the redesign of older buildings, there’s plenty that can be done to minimise the risks posed by Covid.

“Space is always tight where student accommodation is concerned and health and safety requirements prevent greater levels of ventilation through fully open windows in large blocks.”

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    I don't rent to students and have little to do with any of them, give me the proper hard working men and women any day over students with large chips on their shoulders

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    Students can make good tenants with suitable solvent responsible guarantors and pay more since the purpose built student ghettos have raised the bar.

    I expect btr and Lloyds to do the same for the general prs and feel the future remains bright for private landlords not saddled with huge mortgage debt.

    30 years ago with a 90% mortgage current events would have frightened me but with less than 25% debt and 10 times rental cover I remain optimistic and that's with the SNP and their little green helpers in charge in Scotland!


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