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Four out of five landlords secure a profit from buy to let

Some 83 per cent of landlords have made a profit from their lettings activities in the second quarter of 2021 - a slight fall from earlier this year but a strong result according to Paragon Bank, which has undertaken the survey.

It says landlords continue to report strong profitability with three in 10 making a full time living from their portfolios, a figure that doubles to over six in 10 for landlords for those with portfolios made up of 20 or more properties. 

Not only is the incidence of profitability higher amongst large scale landlords, the size of the profit increases in line with the number of properties managed, says Paragon. 


Only four per cent of landlords record a loss “which we see is relatively stable when we look at profitability over a longer term” states the bank.


The same study attempts to measure landlord confidence by asking how they would rate five different aspects of letting and the broader economy – capital gain, rental yields, UK financial market, UK private rented sector and own lettings business.  

The result shows landlords slightly more optimistic than earlier this year.

The survey involved in-depth interviews with just over 750 landlords. These conversations were undertaken by research agency BVA BDRC, and in partnership with the National Residential Landlords Association during June and July this year.

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    I think this is farmer economics count the money you got for the animals don’t worry about how much the animals cost to purchase the running costs and own Labour 24/7 a bit like LL’s
    really. So if a LL has a property paid for after years of slavery don’t count that we’ll call it buck-shee, its he own it by magic just count the income as profit after he’s paid Insurance, c/tax on any vacant portion, annual gas service & certificate, licensing compliance & outrageous application fees, emergency lighting & Certs,
    fire detection system & Certs, ICO’s annual cost, Right 2 Rent, cost How2 Rent cost , Deposits debacle & pay, Inventories and pay, Gov’ stupid Tenancy Agreement 68 pages on its own, referencing costs, maintenance & trades cost, white goods cost, up grades at whim of Council, furnishing, double SDLT, special c/gains tax for LL to prevent you getting out, your own input 24/7 that Regulators don’t count just transfer their work load on to you and a load of hassle,
    graveyard tax when you are done etc,
    Why even mention if a LL 20 properties instead of 10 he makes more profit hasn’t he/she twice as much invested.


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