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Huge fine for landlord with unlicensed and overcrowded property

A private landlord operating an unlicensed and overcrowded property in London has been hit with a fine of more than £21,000.

Brent council claims the property, an unlicensed HMO, was the subject of numerous complaints from neighbours concerning anti-social behaviour.

The council initially sent several letters to landlord Muhammad Ilyas asking him to take the appropriate action concerning the property and his tenants.


Following a visit to the property in June 2019, officers advised Ilyas to apply for an appropriate property licence - he did not do so.

Willesden Magistrates' Court heard the case, where Ilyas pleaded guilty to five separate offences. The court fined him a total of £21,115.50, including a prosecution cost of £3,925.00 and a victim surcharge of £190. 



Councillor Eleanor Southwood says: "This should serve as a reminder to private landlords who think they can operate unlicensed and overcrowded properties without any consequences. Sadly, it has proved an expensive lesson for the landlord concerned in this particular case. He did, however, continually ignore all the advice, help and warnings given to him.

"I'm pleased the Magistrates' Court recognised the seriousness of the offences and that Mr Ilyas' neighbours will no longer have to put up with the constant anti-social behaviour and noise from this property."

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    Councillor Eleanor Southwood must know it only serves as a reminder to private LL where we stand in relation to the Law no Action taken against the persons that make all the noises, its must be a new justice system the persons that committed the crimes are exempt but of course the LL should have had a License but would have had zero affect on the Tenants Behaviour.

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    I agree Michael. Using this rationale. Mortgage company’s like Halifax Lloyds Santander would be responsible for a home owners anti social behaviour and noise generated. I have never heard of a mortgage co being held to account on their customers

  • George Dawes

    Brent ?

    That is a surprise /s


    Brent Council - rhyming slang surely?

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    I (only once) got a stroppy letter from the Council about students holding a noisy party in a flat of mine.

    I sent them a formal warning letter, copied to their guarantors asking them to write to all near neighbours to apologise and reminding them that anti social behaviour was prohibited under the terms of their lease and any repetition would make me consider eviction or at least non renewal of the lease.

    I got a sheepish apology from the tenants, thank you emails from two guarantors and one neighbour and another stroppy letter from the Council complaining I shouldn't have been so harsh! I was tempted to keep the correspondence going to ascertain exactly what action they would suggest and support but I don't have as much spare time as they have so let it drop.

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    i doubt the penalty will be paid

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Landlords do have responsibilities to do ' something ' about ASB, but the majority of the powers are available to the Council who merely try to off-load the problem.
    Licensing has absolutely no effect on ASB and the argument used by L.A's to implement ponzi Licensing schemes is untenable.

    Of course, typical contemporary 'journalism' [sic] does not provide for whether the Landlord was given an opportunity to respond for this article. Of course the Landlord has to plead guilty to not having a License, as you either have, or not, but the article could - should have included an opportunity for the Landlord to give a response.


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