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Landlords - would you house an Afghan refugee family?

A local authority is appealing directly to landlords to join a scheme rehousing Afghan refugee families.

Wrexham council says the families will be supported with accommodation in the private rented sector when they arrive, with integration and work support provided by the Red Cross and other organisations.

The council says: “We are now looking for family accommodation in the private housing sector for these families.


“Due to the urgent nature of the resettlement we are taking the unusual step of appealing directly to any landlords with properties that they feel may be suitable for a resettled family to please contact locallettings@wrexham.gov.uk as soon as possible to discuss further.”

Councillor Hugh Jones - responsible for Communities, Partnerships, Public Protection and Community Safety - says: “The proposal to take part in the Afghan Relocation Scheme received unanimous support from members and we know that Wrexham will welcome families who have done so much to support our troops and the British Government whilst they were on active duty overseas. If you have a suitable property please don’t hesitate to get in touch.”


And councillor David Griffiths, Armed Forces Champion and Lead Member for Housing, adds: “I was proud to support this proposal to offer eligible families much needed support in order to ensure they remain safe following their service to UK troops and the UK Government.

“Without their help and the sacrifice of their own safety the deaths of our armed forces personal would have been much higher. Their lives, and those of their families will be at risk if we are not able to offer refuge and show our gratitude for their service.”

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  • George Dawes

    So the council haven't got any spaces available - no surprises there they haven't planned ahead is it ?


    All they seem to do be capable of is sending endless bills out and cutting their services , oh and erecting ridiculous statues that cost a fortune and mounds of earth masquerading as a tourist attraction

  • icon

    Would you house an Afghan refugee family? NO! I would not. I believe in looking after your own first. There are thousands of UK people/families that have be waiting to get accommodation for years. C19 has caused me enough financial S**T and I don’t want anymore.

    Ferey Lavassani

    Racist. This is what you are. Once you mention "us and them", you show your true face. After all it was "us" who created Taliban and the sh1t that you see now. They are human beings like us. I have got Afghani tenants and must say they are good as gold. They are decent hard working people. Unlike some of "us" siting on their back side excepting the state to cater for the. Shame on you.


    Val this is racist and ignorant - shame on you!

  • icon

    Very sad and my greatest sympathy to all concerned, mans inhumanity to man.
    I would have no problem housing any nationality that’s allowed by Government, (right to rent). I think LL’s shouldn’t take advantage of the situation either by over charging like what happened before disgusting. Landlord housed an Afghani mother and her family of seven children between ages of 8 & 22 (although couldn’t class some as children but men & women). However, LL changed over £12k rent pm to house them in one detached house in Acton the maximum figure, I know at the time £2’500 pm would be normal rent for the house or even the most expensive Agent said £3k max, pm if in good condition, I know this house and the area, this kind of mularkey shouldn’t be allowed to happen again if Councils do their own job. I am very sorry for the bereaved and all concerned.

  • icon

    Here we go the first word in the toy box used already. What about our homelessness problem. Not one mention of that.


    That is a different problem and requires a different solution. Dealing with one should not preclude dealing with an other. This is a humanitarian problem on a huge scale, that we have had a significant part in causing, we must help those we can.


    What’s different? Homelessness is homelessness is it not. If we can suddenly find homes for thousands why is there an issue here?

  • icon

    Ferey, I am not a racist. I have tenants of various nationalities born in the UK. They have worked, paid their taxes and national insurance and I welcome those people as my tenants especially as they may have waited years to get accommodation.

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