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Legendary landlord reported to have been arrested in ‘Hitler’ row

Legendary south of England landlord Fergus Wilson is reported to have been arrested after a dispute in which he allegedly called someone a “petty little Hitler.”

Kent Online, in a brief report, says Wilson - who was once regarded as the UK’s richest landlord with hundreds of buy to lets in his portfolio - claim that Wilson was seen with a council worker before being spotted with police.

Wilson himself says he was arrested but released without charges and he claims his comments had not been racist. 


The landlord told the publication: "Words were exchanged - he alleged I punched him but there is no corroborative evidence.”

You can see the Kent Online report here

Three years ago Wilson have an interview to our sister publication Letting Agent Today - you can see that here.

Wilson and his wife Judith managed their own properties - all in and around Kent - until the year 2000, at which point they instructed agents.

In the late 2010s they said they started selling some of their buy to lets and in late 2018, during a court appearance over a dispute with a disabled tenant, Judith Wilson said she still had a portfolio of some 300 units around Maidstone.

In June of last year the business online publication Insider Media put the couple’s joint wealth at around £140m.

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    I like Fergus. Thousands of people should be happy he’s provided a roof for them when they were not ready not able or no inclination to buy a property

    Theodor Cable

    And what is wrong with what he said?

    The UK is supposed to be a country of FREE SPEECH........And we used to be proud of it.

    Like hell is it? This woke lot are spinedless.

    Good on Fergus. Well done. Keep it up.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    @Jahan, - agree totally. Fergus has become the fascination of media, particularly Anti-PRS groups as a focus of attention.
    We know that for some years there has not been accurate and unbiased media coverage, of anything.

  • icon

    What's wrong with telling it as it is, I'm sure Fergus was spot on correct with his description.
    Odd how the police would make an arrest for name calling but fail to take action for criminal damage or theft, could be why few of us have respect for the police or the courts these days

  • icon

    Fergus Wilson does landlords no favours with his outspoken comments even if true but is there any worse than our Landlord Association who says more should be done about rogue landlords!
    Jim haliburton
    The HMO Daddy

  • Theodor Cable

    Let's have a discussion about rogue tenants:-

    Destroyed carpets
    Pets that chew and s**t
    Animal poo in gardens
    Never clean anything
    Clogged drains
    Fat covered ovens
    Broken drawers
    Dirty wallpaper
    Non payment of rent
    Leaving with a CCJ and the cost of getting back the money owed
    Stealing contents
    Abbusive to neighbours
    Cigarette damages on wood, surfaces and carpets
    Broken mirrors
    Ripped curtains
    Calcium blockages
    Overgrown gardens
    Broken locks
    Smashed windows
    Brown toilets!

    And they get protected by the Govt and the legal system.


    • D G
    • 10 August 2021 10:46 AM

    Unfortunately Theodore, I don't think you'll get any arguments from people who've been in the business for any length of time; we've all seen it.


    Got the tee shirt, and it's not just the great unwashed, had a tenant when I first started his farther was a well respected CEO of a large car dealership in Norwich, what an embarrassment his son was.

  • girish mehta

    Let’s face it he has provided homes from at least 1000 families across Kent . He should be honoured by the councils.
    His stance reflects the issues and dealing with some of the low needy tenants on housing benefit, instead of media reporting few stories from his tenants . The councils should be working with him . Now the councils and taxpayer will pick up the tabs for some of these low life,
    Yes he has work hard for what he has achieved . He had had the vision to achieve that. People like to see him destroyed as he has achieved more than the officials and they have envy and jealous but to his success. He is outspoken because of the government laws and overbearing council officials .politics of envy if I can have it then he should not have it. He has enough money and achieved his goals to live lavishly for rest of his life and he can afford to challenge officials and he won’t stay silent
    Good for you . You are the true voice of silent landlords who is not afraid to critise
    The Harvey handed and unfair laws and practice. Instead of the so called landloard organisation afraid to speak up in case the media Start to pick on you. Alf the spineless politicians who will nod and agree to any tenets pressure groups in case they lose the votes.Labour party has lost vision and with their inviting the will never become a serious political force but a voice for pressure group with no real power

  • icon

    UN NWO--petty officials are the bosses now--same with biffo and his mob--noot one sees themselves as our servants

  • George Dawes

    It's only going to get worse , the agenda is in full swing now

    No PRS by 2030 ...

    Theodor Cable

    I don't believe that for one second.

  • Philip Savva

    I’d say his comment if true to a council boff was mildly tame, if you ask me, good on him


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