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Pet-friendly properties have soared in popularity say agents

Letting agents have reported huge surges in demand for pet-friendly properties. 

Richard O’Neill, managing director at Romans Lettings, says: “There has certainly been an increase in demand for pet-friendly homes over the past year, which we attribute to the pandemic and a resultant shift in priorities. 

“People, more generally, have been looking for bigger, family homes, and these demographics tend to enjoy the companionship of a pet living alongside them. 


“Furthermore, where more people are spending more time in their homes and now have more space, it is likely that they are fulfilling past ambitions of owning a pet and now feel as though they have the environment and lifestyle to facilitate that.”

And Ian Gibbs of Get Living, the management firm running the East Village rental community in London, adds: “Over the past year, we’ve seen residents and prospective residents’ priorities changing … We’ve also seen a substantial increase in people looking for a home that allows cats or dogs. Get Living became pet-friendly across all its neighbourhoods last summer, and one fifth of potential residents mention pets specifically as part of their requirements.”

The comments come as Rightmove reports that demand for pet-friendly rental properties has increased by 120 per cent compared to last summer.

The significant increase in demand for a pet-friendly rental property – measured by prospective tenants enquiring about properties via Rightmove - highlights the rise in pet ownership during the lockdown periods, the portal says. 

The jump compares to total tenant demand rising by just 13 per cent.

The search for more outdoor space has led to demand for properties with a balcony increasing by 70 per cent, and gardens are up by 39 per cent. 

Parking has also increased in popularity - demand up 48 per cent - and one of the most common requests from renters, for all bills to be included, is up by 38 per cent.


However, it is the surge in interest for pet-friendly accommodation which appears to dwarf other areas of growth in demand. 

Rightmove’s director of property data, Tim Bannister, says: “The rise in pet ownership during the lockdown periods has been well documented, and we’re seeing this translate to the rental market. 

“Becoming a pet owner is a long-term commitment, so what’s really interesting to consider is the impact this could have on the rental market in the future, and it’s a signal to landlords that if they were to consider allowing a well-behaved pet then it may open them up to a bigger pool of potential tenants.”

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    The right pets with the right tenants in the right properties paying an increased rent, dogs in flats or houses without gardens is a big no, I am one of very few landlords in my area that will '' consider '' renting to pet owing tenants, I have, and have had some very good long term pet owing tenants.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Pet-Friendly - depends on Govt intervention ( or rather, the lack of ! )
    I rented a property in Wales to a lovely Tenant and lovely dog, Because, I was able to ( and the Tenant more than willing to pay ) a higher, 2 month worth of rental Deposit. - Wales have not as yet, set a cap - limit on the amount of Deposit that can be taken under their tenant Fee ban.

    And MHCLG wonder why Tenants in England struggle to find properties that will take pets ! duh.

  • Matthew Payne

    Going to underwrite your definition of well behaved Tim with some of Rightmoves cash to add credibility to the recommendation?

  • icon

    Unfortunately wanting doesn't always mean getting. In the current market there are plenty of tenants without pets for a LL to choose from and until the balance in the PRS is redressed towards the LL from its current precipice in favour of the tenant, things are unlikely to change.

  • icon

    Tricia, your sentiments on wanting versus getting comes across as a wish to impose your personal views on people. Don't do that, relax. People who keep animals are not monsters. On balance they are likely to be better tenants.


    My property, only my views count.

    Plenty of good tenants to choose from without risking pet owners.

    Become a home owner and then you can become a pet owner. Priorities!

  • icon

    Er no there is no evidence officially or from my experience that tenants with pets are likely to be better. And the view from Tricia is one I agree with fwiw

    Daniela Provvedi

    Agree with you, Jahan. And agree with Tricia as well - I didn't feel that Tricia was trying to impose any personal view on us, just stating an actual fact.

  • icon

    Well, unforunately the PMs wife is a membr of that animal loving organisation claled PETA, read their website . It seems to rank animals above hunmans.
    Further over the years tenats have moved in pets without permission. And they all wet inside the property.Leading to a smaell that is difficult to get rid off and when you lift the carpets you find the stains,Accompanied by a powder used to remove from the carpet.

  • Theodor Cable


    You are 120% correct.

    For me, no animals, ever, and whatever cost.

    It is my house and I decide what lives there.



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