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Rogue landlord unlawfully harassed and evicted a tenant

A man has pleaded guilty in a magistrates’ court after he evicted a tenant by unlawfully harassing him and obliging him to give up occupation of the property.

The charges related to incidences in April when, according to Wrexham council, landlord Dave Darby behaved in a way that was intended to interfere with the peace or comfort of the tenant living in the town. 

Darby told the tenant that he had less than a week to leave the property and proceeded to empty the property of its contents and change the locks on all the doors.


During the short time the offences occurred damage was caused to the tenant’s property.

A statement from the council says the charges were as a result of Darby failing to serve the required notice to end the tenancy or to obtain a court order to lawfully evict the tenant. 


At the time of the offences he was legally obliged to give the tenant six months’ notice to end the tenancy.

Darby was fined £100 with £200 costs and a Victim Surcharge of £35, in a case brought by Wrexham council’s Public Protection Services.

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  • Daniela Provvedi

    The total fine was £335, and he got his tenants out in 1 week.....

  • icon

    cheap at twice the price

  • Theodor Cable

    I'll take that at any time.......And many times over too.

  • icon
    • 03 August 2021 10:05 AM


  • icon

    something odd?

  • Philip Savva

    Fair play to him, I think it’s the way forward, saved himself a fortune & get a quick result, definitely food for thought 😂😂

  • icon

    Cost - Criminal record


    Does a criminal record really matter these days ? many very successful men and women out there with a criminal record

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    No it doesn’t now that it has been trivialised to Criminalise what was hard working Law abiding Landlords. He’s hardly going to take much notice of a Tenant with a Criminal Record if he has one himself for nothing.

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    The point of prosecuting landlords I find rarely is hard to justify and it is completely arbitrary and random. The landlord may think he's got off lightly but if the tenant sued him in the civil courts he would face compensation award of many thousands of pounds along with legal costs and a rent repayment order though I doubt the tenant was paying any rent that could be reclaimed and this was the cause of the eviction but I have no evidence of this.

    I was helping two tenants who were unlawfully evicted. The council refused to prosecute and and we could not get a solicitor to bring a civil action. You can understand why Dave Derby the landlord who was fined could feel unfairly victimised. .

    Jim Haliburton
    The HMO daddy


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