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Student tenants complaining about quality of furniture

A survey suggests students do not feel the furniture provided within student accommodation reflects the price they pay to live there.

Manor Interiors surveyed almost 1,000 UK students about their feelings towards their university digs when it came to the furniture within them.

The average cost of renting purpose-built student accommodation across the UK sites at £147 per week - that’s over £7,600 if you require accommodation for the full year.


The study found that 69% per cent of students don’t think the furniture provided within their student accommodation reflects the price they pay for the accommodation itself.

What’s more, one in three students admit that they’ve accidentally broken a piece of furniture within their student halls due to the poor quality of the furniture itself.

Manor Interiors chief executive Farhan Malik says: “The cost of renting can consume a considerable chunk of a student’s finances and it’s fair to say that furniture within student accommodation will be more rigorously put through its paces compared to a property rented by a professional or mature tenant.

“So it’s understandable that providers try to strike a balance between providing a cost-effective offering and one that adequately meets the needs of the modern student.

“However, all too often this can mean cutting corners on the quality of furniture and opting for cheaper, mass-produced products that soon suffer from the wear and tear of student life.”

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    I'm sure many student landlords do very well out of these winging little snowflakes, I'll stick with the honest, hard working tenants 25 +

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    Perhaps the students should look at why their rents seem so high?

    Purpose built student ghettos have set a high bar and most students balk at sharing a room ( at least on a platonic basis!).

    In my days, over 50 years ago, I shared a grotty 4 bed flat with 7 other guys (and often a few girls) and the furniture was so dilapidated it was impossible to identify if we had actually done any damage! Anyway the rent, split 8 ways (we didn't charge the girls!), was dirt cheap but sniffy students and stupid Council overcrowding rules means rents are now much higher per person in real terms.

    Demanding better quality furniture will lead to even higher rents but many are too stupid to understand Cause and Effect.

  • John  Adams

    With increasing complaints about rents etc, one wonders how any of them will cope when they have to pay for a home of their own, you know when the big nasty bank demands they pay the mortgage or face bankruptcy and eviction, why Mr. Plumber doesn't work for free? and is it cheaper to buy a new sofa in a DFS Sale?


    Maybe snowflake students will grow up...but I doubt it

  • Theodor Cable

    Unfortunately I suspect they will be forever WOKE and entitelment!!!!!

  • icon

    John, you think they are daft buy their own and have to make sacrifices that they never had to before, for next 25/35 years. Who then to complain to, not Council nor Alacia , Generation Rent or agent Jack’o, who’s going to run around and fix everything for them, who’s to save them from loosing their home and being evicted when they can’t pay.


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