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Another council needs private landlords to help meet rehousing targets

A council in the north of England is launching a new programme which it says offers support for private landlords - with strings attached.

Copeland council in Cumbria says its new tenancy support service, alongside a series of financial incentives are on offer so long as  private landlords are - in its words - “willing to support housing Copeland’s residents.”

The council’s statement launching the proposal continues: “The council has employed a new Private Rented Accommodation Officer to provide the service, through funding from The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.


“Financial incentives such as rent paid in advance, rent guarantees, support for damages incurred, and direct payments to landlords will help ensure that tenancies run smoothly.”

The statement goes no further but is thought to refer to the idea whereby private landlords put forward their properties for the council to help fulfil its commitments to those in priority housing need.

Mike Starkie, Mayor of Copeland, says: “This presents a real incentive for any landlords with empty homes to come forward and make the best use of their properties.

“We’re particularly interested to hear from anyone with one or two bed properties, and those that are currently empty, no matter the size, but we would encourage anyone with affordable housing, of £450 per month and under, to come forward.”

The council says interested landlords should contact housing.options@copeland.gov.uk or call 01946 598300.

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    If we help you, can you help us!
    Very much one way traffic to the determent of the Landlord these days.

    • E T
    • 18 September 2021 11:10 AM

    Wonder if they are more trustworthy than our council - who promised the same and delivered nothing but bad tenants, and broken promises!


    You'll only ever get bad tenants from councils

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    So we have 3 Members of Parliament meeting 20 Rogue Charities. Why have they still got their Licenses, why have they still got Charity Status, it’s not their remit to destroy Private Sector Housing


    There are many '' rogue'' charities that need looking into, if they are paying their management £100s of K a year then they are NOT charities, they are business , noses in troughs.

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    Honestly if those people in charge of Registered Charities were so concerned about helping the poor or disadvantaged persons, their services should be almost free.


    Exactly, Hippocrates pure and simple Michael no time for them.


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