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Arrears In Retreat! Rental debt slashed during pandemic, report shows

A new report to be released on Wednesday reveals that far from the pandemic building up arrears, it significantly reduced them.

A preview of the Goodlord and Vouch 'State of the Lettings Industry' report, reflects the views of 550 landlords and agents, and 1,700 tenants. 

Compared to September 2020, when the last survey was conducted, the number of landlords and agents reporting an increase in arrears over the past year has halved from 64 to 32 per cent, with 14 per cent actually reporting a decrease in arrears. 


Their responses paint a picture of the industry following an unprecedented 12 months as legislation, lockdowns and changing consumer behaviour kept the market in flux. 

Only six per cent of the 1,750 tenants say they are concerned about the pandemic affecting their ability to pay rent. And the professionals are also feeling bullish on tenants’ ability to keep up with payments. 

Lack of stock, however, is a major concern for agents in particular, with almost half of those surveyed citing that at least five per cent of their landlords have left the sector over the last 12 months. And a sizeable majority, 64 per cent, predict the landlord exodus to get worse. 

The report will also reveal industry opinion on upcoming regulatory changes, sentiment on the impact technology is having on workforce numbers, as well as the proportion of agents who have unlocked new revenue streams. 

Tom Mundy, Goodlord chief executive, comments: “We can see … that most renters are feeling financially secure and agents aren’t encountering the escalating levels of arrears seen a year ago. This is borne out by the latest statistics from our monthly rental indices, with rents heading up and voids dropping during 2021. 

“Key challenges do remain, with lack of stock clearly a huge area of concern for most agents.”

Any landlord wanting to receive the full report can sign up for it here. 

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    Of Course their Arrears are down we as LL’s have takes the hit and let Arrears go.
    I am no fan of Goodlord several of my Tenants when moving on used them. What a load of hassle more Digital everything almost impossible to deal with and think they own the previous LL laying down all the rules then won’t even speak to you, in future I will not be corresponding or intimidated.

  • George Dawes

    Article written by mr blooming obvious

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Press release by Govt ;
    We stopped landlords being able to do anything about Non-payment of rent, and guess what -
    Tenants debt has alleviated - W.T.F.
    Startling observation, something out of mastermind !


    Govt or not they will not stop me taking the necessary action.

  • icon

    How about the usual message. We want to send a clear message to all LL’s we won’t hesitate to take any action necessary. (to destroy you).

  • icon

    So 32% of landlords reported an increase in arrears and 14% actually reported a decrease. So that's an overall decrease?? Somebody seems to be lacking basic maths skills methinks!

  • icon

    Johnson lies about everything. Look at the fish and northern island for two things.Its basically a shakedown of the private landlords sector.

  • icon

    It sounds like government propaganda.

  • icon

    Arrears should have massively reduced.
    The LHA level was increased so it actually came close to fully covering some rents.
    Low paid essential workers worked as many hours as they wanted throughout the pandemic and in some cases had pay rises or bonuses to reflect their efforts.
    Anyone furloughed could both receive their furlough pay and go and get another job in a supermarket, warehouse, etc so be on double pay.
    Everything was shut so there were limited opportunities to waste money.

  • icon

    Well I agree that the government has helped by the furlow schemes.
    But I suspect it has more to do with tenants not being able to go out and blow the rent money.
    Call me cynical if you like.
    And If the f*** the landlord movement gets stronger even less will be owed to landlords. Because there won't be any.


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