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Don’t sell that Buy To Let yet - capital values are set to soar

There’s good news for landlords who anticipate holding on to their property investments at least until 2031 - capital values are set to soar, if one forecast proves to be correct. 

Comparethemarket says the average price of a home in the UK will hit £323,718 by 2031 and in London there will be an above-average rise of 33 per cent to £619,568.

Younger people may have to rent for longer, too: the average age of a first-time buyer in London is currently 35 years-old, but in 2031 buyers could have to wait an extra two years to make the jump on to the property ladder, averaging at 37. 


The rest of England will see an average age increase of 1.6 years, jumping to almost 35.

The website has analysed government data from 1992 to 2020, and run it through a forecasting model.

Looking further ahead to 2040, the model suggests Greater London house prices will be 63 per cent more than today; across the whole UK, that figure will be 58 per cent.



UK and Greater London price forecast;

2021    £248,496 UK / £465,549 Greater London

2022    £256,018 UK / £480,951 Greater London

2023    £263,540 / £496,353

2024    £271,062 / £511,755

2025    £278,584 / £527,157

2026    £286,107 / £542,559

2027    £293,629 / £557,961

2028    £301,151 / £573,363

2029    £308,673 / £588,765

2030    £316,195 / £604,167

2031    £323,718 / £619,568

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  • George Dawes

    That's assuming you'll be able to own private property by then ....

  • icon

    That’s no difference to the past or worse. Currency Devaluation and huge inflation continuing.

  • icon

    I've always viewed my properties as a lifetime investment, especially now with huge legal, stamp duty and CGT bills to avoid. Avoiding IHT is an ongoing activity but my heirs won't complain if my estate grows faster than I can give it away.

    I now view my nice holidays and other spending as being subsidised by 40% from the Government, the only subsidy I have ever had or wanted.


    I too have viewed my properties as long term investments, I'm more interested in income than capital, I don't want to sell anything, however the way things are likely to be going it might just make sense to sell some at least.

  • Peter  Yednell

    Emm? Isn't good to follow the max that the past in investment is not an indictator of the future.. The last 30 years has been good for property investors but that dosent mean the future will be so good. The model predicting a 63% increase is based on the previous 30 years.. 🙄


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