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Ex-Corbyn shadow minister leads MP support for Generation Rent

A former member of Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet has thrown his weight behind Generation Rent’s latest campaign.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle - chair of the All-party Parliamentary Group on Renters and Rental Reform, and a shadow overseas minister under the former Labour leader - was one of the MPs lobbied by Generation Rent earlier this week over eviction notice periods.

Under Coronavirus legislation, the notice period for most evictions under section 21 of the 1988 Housing Act have been six months. But they revert to two months from October 1.


After being lobbied by rental activists, Russell-Moyle tweeted: “Covid protections end this month for renters. #WeCantGoBack to unfair evictions. The Government has promised increased renters rights in two manifestos and three Queen's Speeches now. We need legislation urgently.”

Russell-Moyle was one of two MPs named by Generation Rent in a statement concerning the lobby of Parliament earlier this week by the so-called Renters Reform Coalition. This is a group of activist campaigns, led by Generation Rent.

The other MP was Labour’s Stephen Timms, chair of the All Party Work & Pensions Committee.

Sue James, chair of the Renters’ Reform Coalition, says: “The pandemic has painfully reminded us of the importance of a safe and secure home, yet the lifting of the eviction restrictions takes that basic need further away. 

“Private renters cannot go back to the status quo - of high rents, unsafe homes and insecure tenancies. It’s time to make private renting better, not worse.

“More than two years since the government’s original pledge to abolish section 21, renters are still waiting for a fairer system. Now that Parliament has returned, we have a once in a generation opportunity to ensure the private rented sector is secure and safe.”

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  • Mark Wilson

    A bad tactical move by generation rent

  • James B

    So another jumps on the bandwagon thinking it’s a great vote winner . When will these lot learn screwing landlords screws tenants

  • icon

    Do you know not one of my properties is unsafe, I have tenants who respect the properties and pay their rent so do not have any fear of eviction. Their rents are normal for the property and area.
    How remote are these people up in London


    My Tenants are in safe and epc C homes which I hope to improve when I can.
    They are really well looked after and are happy having been in the properties with no fear of eviction.

    When I did have to ask someone to leave we went through together how we could sort out her finances . I lost several months rent aiding her to ensure her and her child had somewhere she could afford.

    If generation rent continue on this track they will loose us good landlords .
    Whoever is advising them needs to do some proper research!

  • icon

    Another article on this site today tells the true story of the PRS with demand outstripping supply and properties renting quicker than anytime since 2016. Could it be that the constant demands placed upon LLs by the Govt, Shelter & Gen Rent is causing LLs to head for the door?

    When will they realise that their actions are making life harder for the very people they claim to represent?


    I've re let 3 houses this year and had to turn good people away who I'm sure would have made good tenants, each house can only rent to one person or one couple, it's good tenants that are being hurt here not landlords

  • icon

    The Government have to realise that Landlords are human too and not just here to provide the housing they have sold off.

    There are bad Landlords but in reality there are just as many of not more bad tenants.

    When you consider the majority of Landlords own less than 5 properties is it any wonder they are selling up and getting out of the industry because of all the crazy ideas being made law!

    If the Government and councils continue this unrealistic approach there will be a major housing problem in this country.

    There has to be balance.

  • girish mehta

    Simple labour lost the election for their policies and does not aspire voters. They are now a protesting party with on real policies and joins the like of shelter and generation rent to get ideas in order to get votes as they will have difficulty getting votes from sensible voters. Clueless politicians looking for inspiration and votes for their meal ticket.

    PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Trouble is, that the Conservatives are ' stealing - copying Labour policies ' to attract their voter base.
    The Tories are more Left-wing in some issues than the Labour party !

  • George Dawes

    Corbyn had an advisor George something , total lefty loony wanted all properties taken off landlords etc

    Boris seems to be headed that way too , if it happens there’ll be civil war

  • icon

    George, don’t forget the other one scouse. Mr John McDonnell MP for Hayes & Harlington he was going to confiscate all private housing if he got his way,

  • icon

    Richard. I believe you that your properties are very good & safe. HM0’s didn’t you didn’t mention have you got those ?
    When they come unlikely you’ll be as safe, they’ll probably make you put-in extra cooking facilities in rooms what could be more dangerous extra risk of fire, just like the Bedsits of the 1960’s, maybe a Shower even a bog, so they’ll eating, sleeping and living with cooking smells.
    Instead of one property kitchen loads of other stuff.


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