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Gove must give tenants more rights says campaigning Baroness

The new Housing Secretary, Michael Gove, must remake the rental sector in a fairer and more stable form.

That’s the view of Baroness Alicia Kennedy, the director of the activists’ group Generation Rent. 

Responding to news of his new appointment following the Cabinet reshuffle, the Baroness says: “Michael Gove inherits a housing market that is destroying voters’ faith in the system. A safe and stable home is the foundation of a successful life, but millions of people don’t have that, because their landlord doesn’t need a reason to evict them.


"Frequent unwanted moves in the private sector make it impossible for renters to settle down or save a deposit on their first home. 

“Renters have been waiting nearly two and a half years for the government to fulfil its promise to end unfair evictions – getting older and seeing their dreams crumble in that time.

"To give renters control over their lives and a stake in their local communities, Mr Gove must seize this opportunity to remake the private rental market as a provider of long term homes.”

Earlier this week Generation Rent said it wanted the introduction of open ended secure tenancies, and the creation of a national register of landlords to raise standards.

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  •  G romit

    What our dear Baronees doesn't mention is that by abolishing Sec.21 Notices more Landlords will leave the sector, evicting their existing tenants who'll find it harrder to find another property in a diminished market, rents will be dtiven up, and Landlords will be more choosy to whom they grant tenancies to as the cost of evicting a bad tenant is going to escalate.

    What she doesn't mention is that decent, honest tenants have little to fear from Sec.21, as Landlords rarely evict such tenants. In reality Generation Rent are campaigning to protect rogue tenants.

  • icon

    EPC C is a much bigger threat than the loss of S21. We all know that most S21 evictions will just become S8 - EPC C will see perfectly decent homes being removed from the PRS 6 out of 9 of mine will be sold :(


    EPC C will be like vaccine passport threat…we’ll be allowed to believe, up to the eleventh hour, that it will happen but will be pushed back (because it’s completely and utterly unrealistic and would decimate the stock).

  • icon

    Here we go, get on right side of Michael, Alacia. What did I tell you all before get rid of Section 21 and also goes Assured Shorthold Tenancies.
    Alacia says she wants secure long term Tenancies. That means only one thing Assured
    Tenancies and we are back to
    sitting Tenants again. Time for LL’s to stop reading, sitting on the hands and take action.
    I know I was there you weren’t LL’s at that time. I had a whole Libyan family living in a house that I Built, didn’t pay told me they wouldn’t pay, wouldn’t leave and told me nothing I could do about it, which was correct. P C Fletcher got shot & died rip in Kensington, before relationship soured between the UK and Libya, then they left leaving an unbelievable damage & mess, maybe you want this situation back again, good luck.

  • icon

    EPC, C , pails into insignificance when you have lost Control of your Property.

  • icon

    I'm with Tricia on this. EPC C is just the start, I have just received an email from Bournemouth Council suggesting that EPC B will follow on!! If/when S21 is scrapped, S8 will become the norm for non paying evictions, with the resultant CCJs. May focus a few minds. A mandatory C, or God forbid, a B, will decimate the PRS.
    Michael Gove - are you reading??


    gove is another egotist--hes also got form

  • icon

    Perfect storm - no S21; EPC below C; no way to evict tenants so HAVE to upgrade; cost into £1000s! I will certainly be getting out long before that happens.

    I have also experienced a regulated tenancy - no way am I going into that situation again - whatever name they give it!


    I foresee another problem - imagine having to do a big refurb without the ability to evict the tenant! Are they seriously suggesting digging up the floor to lay floor insulation, or complete replastering inside after major works, can be undertaken while the family remains in occupation?? Insane.

  • girish mehta

    Clowns running the show. So far the campaign run by shelter and generation rent has been on false market reports and media hype with no real evidence to support their cause. Just a hype generated by the to justify their grant to keep them in cosy jobs.
    If the government acts on their recommendation then landlords will leave the market leaving bigger mess for the government to sort out. As you hcan already have seen with councils lol pea

  • icon

    Baroness Alicia Kennedy needs to talk to more Private Sector Landlords and our many happy tenants to see the value of our sector and the services we provide.


    Agreed - but the problem with people like her is they talk but never listen!

  • icon

    Do you think Baroness Kennedy lives in constant fear of a Section 21 eviction from her two up two down?

  • icon

    Do you not think Landlord lives in constant fear of loosing possession of his 2 up 2 down that cost him hundreds of thousands of pounds, to some that don’t give a fig and no responsibility or financial commitment.

  • George Dawes

    Might as well give them the keys , tell them to pay the mortgage and the rent then just walk


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