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Huge student flats project may stifle buy to let landlord returns

Investors considering letting properties to students in one of the country’s major university cities may have to think again.

A huge scheme of purpose built student accommodation has been approved by Nottingham council.

The project features an  up-to-12-storey, 702-bed purpose-built student development, featuring blocks dedicated to a range of accommodation types including studios and cluster living. 


Amenities include high-level multi-media lounges and co-working spaces, as well as gaming zones and quiet areas for study and relaxation.

The new accommodation is likely to be available for students from the start of the 2023/24 academic year.



A spokesperson for the developer says: “Nottingham is a world-renowned university city, and the student population is growing rapidly to reflect that. Add in the demand from second- and third-year students to remain in PBSA, and it is clear there is a real need for quality student beds in the city.

“This element of the scheme really supports our plans for intergenerational living across the site. One of the biggest impacts of the pandemic has been that people of all ages are reassessing their relationship with where they live, and we want to create places and spaces where people can live, work and thrive.”

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    The problem with these high quality units is their high price tag! The loans given to students won't even cover their accommodation in these units let alone cover other living costs. Then when these students enter the real world they discover that their salary won't cover an equivalent in the real world.

    I believe it was Martin Lewis who said we are 'educating our young in to debt but not about debt'.

    There is a place for both high end and low cost student accommodation but this focus on the high end may result in less choice and that is not a good thing.


    Debt, the young want, expect, it all now, the fact that wanting it all now = debt doesn't worry them, they might wake up one day, by which time they will be in so much debt it'll be too late.

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    I have found that these student ghettos have raised the rents for normal student flats which many students prefer.

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    I guess students will decide if custom built blocks of student accommodation anywhere are value for money. And go elsewhere if not.

    Students do not have to repay loans until their salary is at a certain level. One key cause of debt is the type of course studied. Some degree courses give one a degree but one tat goes nowhere in earning potential. Media Studies being a prime example. Unless one has connections in the media.


    In the news today - Govt planning to lower the threshold for starting repayments!


    There's an argument for forcing everyone, even low earners, to repay student loans as a disincentive to taking Mickey Mouse degrees. We're short of all kinds of tradesmen, HGV drivers, care workers etc. Yet we subsidise young people for 3 or 4 non productive years to get useless degrees when they could be doing useful apprenticeships, earn £50k or more and have no debt.

    I hear Tony Blair, who set it up to send 50% of youngsters to University, now wants it increased to over 75%! How many graduates can McDonalds employ?

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    Maybe be a good move to reduce the number of Digital Academic. We might actually end up with people able to do real work even drive a lorry.
    Sorry I missed out on that phase of life but paid taxes for others education to persecute me. I am still trying figure out what I missed when I see what’s going on.


    I missed that part of life as well, and I'm certainty not sorry I did, I started work 2 days after my 15th birthday in 1968 as an apprentice and have never looked back, always enjoyed work and still do, we are awash with failures being pumped out of universities who are no use to man nor beast.


    Totally agree but the other side of the coin is how the successful graduates are screwed as they climb the ladder. My 3 kids were landed with over 70% marginal tax rates (61% income tax on earnings over £100k plus 9% student loan repayment) to subsidise those whose University "education" was a waste of time and tax payers money. They're not complaining but they were struggling for a while, even with 6 figure salaries due to high mortgage payments and these huge deductions.

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    Is everyone missing the agenda here

    Once these supersize blocks are finished this council will commence its blitzkrieg against landlords hitting them with multiple £30k fines and bankrupting all the landlords in the area ,they will have made arrangements with the lenders to obtain the repossessed properties at a fraction of their true value and it will be a long time before the councils financial connections with the developers is exposed.

    And of course it will be deemed to not be in the public interest to investigate the scale of the deception ,the premeditation and financial gains of those involved

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    Of Course the Blitz is already here, £30k fines now becoming common place and much more, they have legalised the extortion rackets, them scales of justice are well out of balance and need re-calibrating.

  • George Dawes



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