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Ambulance crew trigger probe into rogue landlord’s dangerous house

A landlord has been fined £3,607 over properties that were so dangerous tenants’ lives were at risk.

North Lincolnshire council brought a prosecution against Amarjit Singh after he failed to produce documents about three of his properties under the Housing Act 2004.

The case was part of a wider investigation into the homes where the council says dangerous living conditions meant it was forced to take urgent and immediate enforcement action.


In one case they issued an order immediately removing the occupiers, who were supported to find alternative accommodation.

The council was alerted to dangerous conditions at one property following a referral from East Midlands Ambulance Service following a call-out.

Exposed cables in a shower room, broken windows, unsecure doors, lack of fire precautions, an accumulation of waste in a back yard and sockets hanging off walls meant the tenants were at serious risk of harm.

Singh was served with three notices between November 2020 and January 2021 under Section 235 of the Housing Act 2004 which required him to produce documentation to the council as part of wider investigations into the properties.



Singh failed to attend Grimsby Magistrates Court and was found guilty in his absence of three offences of failing to comply with a S.235 Notice. He was fined £660 for each offence with £1,437 costs plus a £190 victim surcharge, a total of £3,607.

A council spokesperson says: “The majority of landlords in North Lincolnshire work with us to provide their tenants with good quality, safe accommodation.

"When they fail to do this we will not hesitate to take action – if, like Mr Singh, they fail to provide tenants with safe and secure accommodation that meets the legal standards, we will come down on them with the full force of the law.”

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    LLs like this will continue to operate all the time tenants are forced to rent from them. The lack of properties and the rising cost - due in no small part to Govt policies - will push people into these properties because there is no alternative.

    If mandatory EPC C comes in expect to see even more stories like this of LLs operating poor quality housing under the radar.

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    Certainly the property was in a dreadful state, it should be noted at the same time electric sockets don’t hang off the wall, looks like a degree of vandalism going on here, who put the rubbish in the back garden, did the Council help re-house the occupants for misbehaviour.


    I agree Michael, sounds like tenant vandalism.

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    The 3 fines are low at £660. each or the legal fees are extremely high, one is nearly as much as the other.
    We now not only have unaffordable housing but also definitely an unaffordable legal system.


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