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Closure Order put on landlord’s flat after anti-social behaviour

Police have imposed a Closure Order on a property in Southampton under Section 80 of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime & Policing Act.

The order means that only the landlord or anyone accompanying them will be allowed to enter the address for the next three months. If anyone else does, they will be committing a criminal offence and can be arrested.

Once the order came into effect, officers will attend with the landlord to allow them to secure the premises.


Hampshire Constabulary applied for the order to address concerns around anti-social behaviour at the property, and PC Lynette Chant says: "We’ve received a number of reports in recent months about anti-social behaviour at the address, which has caused misery for neighbours.

“We took action to improve the lives of local residents and would like to thank the community for their support and patience while we worked with partners to get the evidence to secure this order. 

“These types of closures are not straightforward, as it ultimately means someone is moved out of their home.

“However, in instances like these we will do all we can to stop anti-social behaviour and the enormous impact it creates.”


Southampton council housing spokesman Councillor Spiros Vassiliou says: “Together with our partners, we want to reduce crime and disorder, anti-social behaviour and high harm behaviour that adversely affects communities, the environment and businesses in the city. 

“We know that anti-social behaviour can cause distress for those who experience it and we will continue to work with Hampshire Constabulary to address these issues.”

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    This should happen much more often and save landlords from having to do this at their own expense.

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    These parasites and vermin of society should be locked up. Anti social behaviour is not ok.

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    I like this. Should be used more often by the Police as how are we able to control what a tenant does once they are in a property

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    But does this conclude the tenancy? If tenant hasn’t surrendered and the court has not ordered the tenancy over then the tenant would still be liable for the lose of rental income. Would landlord be liable for alternative accommodation?


    Good point Leon, it likely does not conclude the tenancy, come on Leic Landlord you are the legal expert on here what would your learned opinion be ?

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    All good questions from Leon, if the tenant(s) is/are not allowed back in then where do they live ...... and if the rent is being paid ontime the LL's is legally obliged to still provide a home, a difficult one i guess, but having to deal with this type of indiviual in my job, this is a blessing for the local NBO's.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Landlord not liable for alternative accommodation and should be seeking Possession under ASB, which is a without Notice Court application, using the Closure Order as demonstrable evidence.
    ( That's what our company would do. )


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