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Demolish or Go To Jail!  Millionaire landlord has ignored order

A landlord must demolish two penthouse apartments by mid July - or else go to jail.

It’s being reported that a case at Leicester County Court found that millionaire landlord Munjit Dulay built the two flats without planning consent and then failed to obey an order to demolish them.

Now the apartments - which are occupied and bringing in a combined total of over £1,000 pcm in rent - must be demolished by the new deadline of July 17. 


The court was told that Dulay's company, MB Estates, had assets of some £33m, including a building in Leicester which was a former care home. That has become 74 apartments but two additional ones were constructed on top, without consent. 

The court heard a legal representative of Leicester council say: "This has now been going on a very long time. It's not really suggested anything was done to comply with the injunction and it was only in August he accepted that he was going to have to demolish those properties at all.

"The company has been renting the penthouses and stringing along the authority and the court while taking no steps to demolish the penthouses. Mr Dulay and his company have never taken seriously the requirement to demolish the properties or comply with the order."



Dulay, representing himself, told the court he had taken bad legal advice which suggested he could get the original ruling overturned.

"I wish we would have complied with the order but unfortunately that's not the case” he said.

Dulay now faces four months behind bars if he fails to abide by the demolition ruling by July 17.

You can see a report of the full case here from LeicestershireLive.

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    Now we all know who you really are Leic Landlord LOL.

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    As a millionaire i would have thought that if anyone can obtain '' good '' legal advice it would have been him, there is little hope for the rest of us.

  • Keith  Johnson

    Obviously no shortage of housing in Leicester.......or are the council just gutted that they didn't get a touch??

  • icon

    While I don't condone people just doing what they want, it isn't as though he has converted his garden shed and put 20 immigrants in it. The threat of 4 months imprisonment for this when serial offenders are a blight on local communities and often get nowhere near prison is ridiculous. In a recent case local to me, someone attempted to glass the landlord of a pub for asking them to social distance. Community service for disgusting and unwarranted levels of violence that could have blinded someone and scarred them for life, yet 4 months imprisonment for building 2 flats too many in a development of 74?


    I agree Max, the law is an a**, how can we show the police and courts any respect these days


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