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Shelter seeks cash claiming eviction powers add to homelessness

Shelter claims that 397 households became homeless every day between July and September 2021 - the first three months after the eviction ban ended. 

And the charity claims that now that other Covid protections are gone - such as the £20 boost to Universal Credit and furlough - the situation will worsen.

Shelter suggests that government data shows the end of a private tenancy as the reason 20 per cent of all households were found to be homeless or at risk of becoming homeless by their council. 


This has increased by 42 per cent in a year and is returning to pre-pandemic levels. 

Shelter - which is currently fundraising - also claims that some 4,440 households were threatened with homelessness after receiving a Section 21 eviction notice from their landlord – a 33 per cent rise on the previous quarter.  


Polly Neate, chief executive of Shelter, says: “Last summer, even with some Covid protections still in place, nearly 400 households a day were thrown into homelessness. Now living costs are spiralling and all the protections are gone, even more people will be exposed to homelessness. 

“The advisers working on our emergency helpline can hear the sheer panic in people’s voices as they ring up desperate to keep a safe roof over their heads. The stress and uncertainty of the situation seeps into every part of a person’s or family’s life. 

“The end of the eviction ban has triggered a rising tide of homelessness that could turn into a flood. No-one should have to face homelessness alone, which is why we urgently need the public’s support so that we can keep picking up the phone and give anyone who needs it free and expert help.”  

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    We all know shelters hate propaganda machine, shouldn't they be forced to substantiate these lies
    We could say that they slit landlords throats after the end of the eviction ban, but that doesn't make it true YET

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    I have to agree with shelter, now that's a first, there is a flood of homeless people just around the corner, all those that thought what a good idea it would be to stop paying rent because they couldn't be evicted, we're all going to find out who they are so little chance of a new tenancy, then there's all the landlords that have had enough of Shelter, Generation Rant and the government and are selling up, so who's to blame here ? now that's a question isn't it ?



    This time I only agree with you partially.

    The better homes from which the rent dodgers are evicted will be snapped up by decent tenants in inferior properties and these will either be taken by people currently homeless or those being evicted if they can satisfy their new Landlords with guarantees etc.

    Only those who deserve it most will be left homeless right now but that percentage will grow as more landlords sell up.

    Even these properties will be taken by renters becoming first time buyers,so that doesn't increase homelessness, just reduce the available number of rental properties and make things even more difficult for rent dodgers which isn't a bad thing!

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    EPC C will see the flood become a deluge as LLs remove their properties from the PRS and the only type of housing being added is expensive build-to-rent.

    Perhaps Shelter should be campaigning against EPC C!

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    so that we can keep picking up the phone and give anyone who needs it free and expert help it says in the report. I have seen shelter using young people in my local town approaching people for money and it is easy to assume with a name like Shelter that by giving to shelter you are actually helping the homeless. Shelter is a charity which is a vehicle to align a solicitor with a tenant who is being evicted and to find a loophole to (in the short term) protect the tenant from eviction. Is that what people think they are contributing to when they give to shelter. A charity which does exactly the same job as the local solicitor using legal aid and claim costs at court if they win a case except they get the public to assist with there telephone marketing.


    £61 million including a big chunk of taxpayers' cash gets you some very slick marketing. Oh and the execs also earn big dosh as well!

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    Quite simply we house people they don’t
    Make no mistake they are winning in the battle to increase housing costs for tenants

    Theodor Cable

    Ands when will they realise?

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    The govt and all the various charities who don't see how the PRS assist all tenants are in for a massive shock, it is not just the forthcoming EPC C disaster, it is the whole gambit of LL attacks we have had over the years, it is never ending and when a large number of us pull out of the market who will house the tenants then ?? The nice glossy BTR brigade ...... just watch the costs sky rocket. They will reap the wirlwind.

  • David Saunders

    Perhaps Shelter should heed the saying. " As you sow, so you shall reap" because they and the government have set in motion a chain of legislation that will all but destroy the PRS and therefore make an untold amount of families homeless.


    Yes David but you need common sense to see that, since when has anyone in Shelter or government ever had any of that ?


    It's got nothing to do with reaping what they sow, or common sense, from either Shelter or the Government. Only a very foolish person thinks that the Government, these organisations and the people that control them are stupid.

    They're not stupid, they just don't care.

    Worsening homelessness and increased rents actually helps Shelter. It enables them to turn up the volume on their narrative, paint their picture and effectively raise more money.

    As for the Government, alongside appeasing left leaning voters which they seem to have high on the agenda, they have specifically stated many times that they want to 'professionalise' the PRS, and if demonising landlords helps them in their quest to hand it over to corporations and institutional investors, then so be it. 50 years ago, small to medium builders accounted for 80% of all new houses built. Now it's a handful of behemoth PLC's. The same is coming in the PRS.

    Money, power, status, vested interests.... that's all it is EVER about.

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    Instead of stopping an eviction, shelter should focus on the cause of the eviction. Solve the issues before it gets to the stage of eviction. In some countries landlords can evict tenants almost as soon as the rent is not paid with no need to go to court!

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    I agree with Max Boyne, but you seem to have changed your tune, why is that? In the matter of the PRS ultra rich see a nice pool to fish in and it will end with the taxpayer bailing them out ( ie the super ritch).
    No doubt this will be pooh poohed, but can you think of a super rich family, who live off the state and preach conservation ?

  • David Saunders

    Sad to say Max Boyne is spot on and Private Landlords will continue to be squeezed by all sides until the pips squeak.

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    Shelter's behaviour and their public image are widely different
    They enabled a pair of scroungers to stay 18 MONTHS in my house at the taxpayers expense, exploiting legal aid.
    These people were not homeless, they just decided to spend their income on themselves, not on their rent (I saw their bank statements).
    I couldn't even get a ccj, if I had pursued it I might have lost and had to pay their £5k costs. If I had won legal aid would have paid their costs so I had to swsllow it.
    In my opinion shelter are not to be trusted, and should be exposed.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    With Shelter and statistics, you'd think they went to the same school as Diane Abbott.

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    Shelter are part of the problem not the solution. Very few landlords remove a good tennant and the constant pressure on landlords and HMO owners is causing them to sell thus reducing the number of properties in the rental sector and pushing up prices and pushing landlords to seek guarantors which middle classes can provide but working people cannot always find a homeowner to back them
    Shelter should spend their money on building or renting property not high salaries for its execs


    Shelter is not much different to any other charity or housing assoc come to that, big fat pay cheques and perks for the fat cats at the top.

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    The guy in the photo lying on the Street will still be there, no will move out to let him in.


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