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It’s Not That Bad - many landlords to expand portfolio in 2022

A relatively optimistic sentiment survey of landlords suggests many remain upbeat about the prospects for the sector. 

According to the Shawbrook Bank survey a third of landlords plan to expand their portfolio in the next 12 months, buying at least one one more property.

Of those, 14 per cent say they aim to buy more properties than they had initially planned, showing trust in the market moving forwards. 


Some 13 per cent of landlords plan to buy properties in a new location, and of those just over a third are planning to buy in urban locations, while 30 per cent are considering more rural locations. 

The north of England is proving particularly popular as 23 per cent of those landlords intending to extend their portfolio, are planning to buy in northern regions.

The race for space continues with some 12 per cent of landlords say they are now looking to buy a different type of property with semi-detached houses (34 per cent) and terraced houses (31 per cent) being the two most popular options. 



Emma Cox, sales director at Shawbrook Bank, comments: “The resilience of the UK property market is clear from our research. Despite the hurdles caused by the pandemic, the market has stood firm and house prices have continued to soar in price. 

“This has created attractive opportunities for investors and property developers, whose confidence in the market has grown over the last 12 months. Their buying activity and trends show that the market is likely to remain strong over the short term.  

“Indeed, with 2021 announced as the ‘busiest year’ for the housing market according to Zoopla, despite recent falls in transactions, it’s clear that the market has fully rebounded from the lows of the pandemic. 

“As supply continues to be low, it’s unlikely that we’ll see house price growth slow significantly and as we move into January next year following the seasonal slowdown over Christmas, property investors will be seeking further opportunities to expand their portfolios.”

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  •  G romit

    ...but many more are exitting!!

  • icon

    One third wants to expand their portfolios. Two thirds don’t want to...

    Wonder how the question was framed?

  • Keith  Johnson

    With punitive taxes, rising interest rates,and expensive legislation, Unless you are getting at least a 10% gross yield, its not worth it,
    property with a minimum energy rating of C has now become too expensive to invest in......I'm afraid as with Boris Johnson.....the party is over!

  • icon

    I would very much liked to have carried on buying, but the way things are going I won't be.


    Me too. I stopped in 2015 when I did the maths around S24. Helped the kids buy a couple of investments since but that's it I'm afraid.
    For me it's been about building up a solid foundation; bringing the existing stock up to a really high quality (higher rents as a result!), paying down mortgages, IHT planning, getting out on the golf course more. I may need to sell one to help fund all the EPC challenges coming up, but I'm in no rush as I see those goalposts moving around quite a bit in the next year or 2

  • icon

    I have no doubt that some will still see an opening somewhere, but those opportunities are becoming harder to find, if a property has a low EPC then very few LL's will be giving it a second look, why would they unless they can buy it at a considerable discount...... and then why would a LL sell to another investor at a discount when there is a ready made FTB market ready to hoover up any lower graded dwellings, and of course they do not have to deal with a C rating !

  • David Saunders

    This government is seemingly taking a leaf from the 1970s Labour government by setting about squeezing property investors, landlords and the rich ( those earning over 30k) until the pips squeak.


    Not a Conservative government or party are they ?


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