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Landlord accreditation system gives scores for performance

A council has launched what it calls a “scores on the doors” style accreditation scheme for landlords.

The Decent and Safe Homes (DASH) scheme, launched by North Lincolnshire Council, means participating landlords will be subject to vetting processes and property inspections before achieving the “North Lincolnshire Standard”.

Councillor Rob Waltham, leader of North Lincolnshire Council, says: “The majority of landlords do not let their standards fall and they will be recognised for that. This new accreditation will become a standard which gives confidence to tenants and landlords.


“Just as the food hygiene ratings give customers confidence in buying from restaurants and takeaways, this will operate in much the same way for their homes.  

“This accreditation puts tenants in control and enables them to only rent from good landlords hopefully putting bad landlords out of business.

“We know too there is a small minority who flout the law, operating illegally and with a complete disregard to housing standards. This will not be tolerated.”

Landlords joining the DASH accreditation scheme will be able to display the approval, giving confidence to authorities and renters, together with receiving discounts towards future licence applications.


A spokesperson for the council says: “We have been working closely with landlords in relation to the scheme and the initial feedback from them has been very encouraging.

“The scheme enables us to support good landlords, address minor issues and ensures that where we need to act to protect tenants against criminal landlords, we can.

“I am confident this will drive standards up across the area and will enable more people from across North Lincolnshire to stay safe and well.”

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    Unfortunately this will be a self selecting group of LLs i.e. decent compliant LLs will join but rogue LLs will just ignore it. Then, because of the lack of rentals available, there will be very little chance of a tenant choosing to rent from a DASH LL (assuming renters have any knowledge of the scheme and what it means) because they have to choose from available properties! .

    A good idea on paper but unlikely to make any difference on the ground I'm afraid!


    DASH is a good idea on paper, when they tried to do inspections in 3 of my properties the tenants didn’t want to be involved and declined them access. DASH then said they would withdraw my accreditation for lack of inspections. How do I give tenants quiet enjoyment and comply with the DASH requirements


    I don't need accreditation to have 17 groups wanting one of my properties.

    Another solution looking for a problem with a cost attached?

    Give us a tenant accreditation scheme instead and solve a real problem!

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    Do tenants look at the EPC before renting ? and neither will they the DASH.

  • Theodor Cable

    No. Has never happened to me.

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    Just more interference and time consuming cost to achieve nothing only another obstacle. I don’t need to go to North Lincolnshire and speculate what
    it might mean in the future. We have it all in London for years just another pain for us how did we manage for decades when they weren’t involved or even had anything to do with PRS. There is no end to it you can do the Courses and listen to them telling you all the wonderful ideas they have dreamt for you to learn, get Accredited but that’s not enough you have to to continue to keep learning more crap or you become unaccredited namely brownie points, continuing development points for ever (CDP). Regarding the discounts it gives you for HMO licensing that’s only for the first time after that every time you re-license I discount…

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    Sorry typo I meant no discount after first time. Hardly a discount when they are charging you £1200. / £1400.licensing Application fee as if £75.00 of your own is going help you financially so it’s already loaded nothing out of their pocket. Who are all those minorities they keep on about if they exist, they must know who they are or they don’t exist or is here say.

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    I join every scheme going but never had a tenant say they have rented from me because I'm accredited. A pity. Same goes for EPCs but as we all know they're a waste of time .
    Jim Haliburton
    The HMO daddy

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    Jim, agree and they think they are so fantastic high & might self opinionated that if we do all those things they’ll actually let us use their logo on our correspondence, as if I would want to.


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