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Landlord must pay thousands for not installing smoke detectors

A landlord has been fined almost £5,000 for failing to install smoke detectors into a house he let to a family.

The property, in Liverpool, also had electrical sockets hanging off the wall, a broken light fitting and low window sills considered a danger to the three children living there.

The front door had a smashed pane and was screwed shut, meaning the tenant had to use the kitchen door to get in and out of the house.


The landlord, trading as Welsh company Prop Yourself Limited, pleaded guilty under the Housing Act 2004 to failing to comply with an Improvement Notice and was fined £4,000 plus costs of £760.63 and a £180 victim surcharge.

The magistrate noted that the cost of the repairs were relatively minor and that that the absence of fire detection put the tenants at risk of serious injury or worse.


A Liverpool council spokeswoman says: “Being a landlord brings with it responsibilities in making sure that tenants can live in safety and comfort.

“It is shocking that in this case a landlord was quite happy to take rent but unwilling to spend a small amount of money on smoke alarms, making electrics safe and repairing a front door.

“We are determined to take action against landlords if they put tenants at risk and our new Landlord Licensing scheme will give us the ability to redouble our efforts to intervene and force action to improve properties.

“All of this form part of our determination to raise standards and improve the city’s neighbourhoods for residents.”

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  • Paul  Conway - Yuno CEO

    This is something that we have seen far too often in the compliance world. It can be difficult to fully understand what is needed to make sure you are compliant, therefore, you are at risk of some scary fines. However, on this occasion, there is a list of ongoing issues with the property that should have been dealt with correctly to meet the standards. It is important to stamp out this kind of landlord and at the end of the day, these regulations are for the health and safety of the tenants.

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    Smoke alarms, not expensive and we all know they should be there, how did the electrical sockets come to be hanging out of the wall though? and who broke the glass in the front door? I somehow think there maybe more to this than is being reported here

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    The property can be improved and we endeavour to do that . I see oodles of training Courses for Landlords but none for Tenants, should they be house trained before taking up a Tenancy.

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    I had the same problem with some tenants every time I went around the smoke alarms were taken down (Cat D) because they woke the baby, I kept putting them up sometimes have to go and buy replacement ones for those they "could not find" I spoke to the council direct explaining the problems One time they were quirt helpful for a change and said write a letter explaining that if they do take them down its their problem, take photos of them fitted and get a witness that they were working correctly which I did and hopefully this puts me in the clear but still with a house but without smoke alarms One House which had a cat A system the sounders had all been smashed with hammer marks all around them "because they would not stop ringing" but no one phoned me.
    Still as the saying goes, the tenants have rights but no responsibilities were as the Landlord has all the responsibilities but NON of the rights.


    Old story Jacxk, you can lead a horse to water, you cannot make it drink.


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