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Landlords given thousands to stay quiet on drug tenants - claim

Local media are reporting that landlords on a housing estate known to harbour drug traffickers and criminal gangs are being given up to £3,000 per week in hush money.

The Yorkshire Live news website claims the Eastwood estate in Rotherham typically attracts rents of only £60 to £90 a week, making the vast sums on offer from criminals more attractive still. 

The website report states: “A campaigner who claims he often tips police about drug dealer activities believes landlords have no option: ‘If they live here then there is a risk of harm. If you don't take the money you could be taken out I suppose.


"There is economic pressure to accept the offers but there is also physical harm fears. It would sensible but immoral to take the offer. But what good are morals when you are dead?”

You can see the report in full here.

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    Dealing with drug crime is the job for the police and courts, a job that they do very badly.


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