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Licensing Clampdown - another council goes out to consultation

West Lindsey council in Lincolnshire is launching a consultation on proposals to change how some private rented homes are managed and licensed. 

The plans will affect private rented homes in several areas across the district and the council claims to be committed to improving the quality of housing while also building thriving, prosperous communities. 

The 12-week consultation began last week.


A previous scheme was restricted to a small part of one ward considered to have high levels of anti-social behaviour and poor property conditions. The council now wants to expand the licensing area - and justifies this be saying “so that more tenants can be helped, and all residents can live in safe neighbourhoods.”

A council spokesman says: “We are doing everything possible to make sure that private renting offers the highest possible standards of security, safety and quality. Our previous Selective Licensing scheme addressed more than 4,000 hazards in homes…but there is still more to do. We are now looking to take this further with proposals for new Selective Licensing schemes covering a larger area of the district. 

“If you own a private rented home, are renting in private rented accommodation, or live near a private rented home, I encourage you to review our proposals and see what we’re doing to improve your local community.”

If agreed, the council licensing scheme will come into effect from September 2022.

The consultation runs until April 17 and the proposals are here.

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    Yet another tax grab from a council that already has sufficient powers to deal with rogue landlords. Yet more rent rises for tenants as a result.
    I'm not a huge fan of licensing, but if we must have it, there needs to be a low cost, single system (think MOT) that all have to follow. Then maybe we can move on from avaricious councils looking to feather their nests from crazy landlord licensing schemes.
    And while I'm at it, the cost of these consultations is colossal. Unlike the council busy-bodies, I worked in commerce for 35 years. I reviewed the "consultation" that was run here at the time - it would have run into 100's of thousands of £ to run it. Total waste of tax payers money
    All my houses are licenced BTW and I know the costs. They were all passed into my tenants

  • John Ahmed

    Councils want to get there own house in order first... A lot of council properties represent poor living accommodation.
    On top of that some councils could be accused of allowing certain high rented areas fall into deprivation by non maintenance and a lack of refuse collection.

  • Z S
    • Z S
    • 25 January 2022 12:06 PM

    The Borough that I let my properties in require LL licensing, it’s £600 per property, pr annum with a £30k fine per property if not done - I don’t see an issue with obtaining a license, but why should the fee be so high ..if at all - and why are only some boroughs making it a legal requirement and other boroughs are not?

  • icon

    Zoe, its not applying for the License is the issue its the implications of doing so, you are lucky its £600. in areas outside London where returns are 6/7 %, un like the Capital where its £1300. / £1400. depending on the Borough where some of them take up to
    £20m from the Scheme. Why do the Council’s charge an Application fee it’s they that wants it let them pay. We have to pay for all the work, How can they justify a £30k penalty for putting a roof over peoples heads at no cost to the tax payers, it’s disgraceful and we are supposed to live in a democracy.

  • icon

    My returns are generally 3% and all my rent are below market rents, in fact one House in Ealing is same rent for 19 years even though Tenants have changed many times. Yes it is licensed and re-licensed now coming due again. That huge
    cost was borne by me and 19 years ago I had 6 weeks Deposit but now no Deposit, taking away as well as the 10% wear & tear and all the other costs imposed over 19yrs. I will not be re-licensing this time the numbers will have to be kept below the license number requiring a license. Less people housed, less income, less tax but maybe a £30k fine for the sheer hell of it. The current occupant can’t continue to reside there as they can’t afford it at present no alone a reduced number so who is go to house them.


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