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Un-vaxxed tenants given new guidance on moving home

The government has issued updated guidance on renters moving home during the pandemic, and for the first time the rules change according to whether tenants are vaccinated. 

New guidelines issued by the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities say that…

...if a buyer or tenant is aged 18 years and six months or more;


...is not fully vaccinated; and 

...if they live in the same household as someone who has tested positive for Covid 

…then they must legally stay at home and self-isolate.

This would even be during the period when they would have been scheduled to have moved home.

However the guidance goes on to say that if a buyer or tenant is fully vaccinated, or aged less than 18 years and six months, they are not legally required to self-isolate even if they live in the same household as someone with Covid.

In this case the new guidance says: “You are strongly advised to take a Lateral Flow Device test every day for seven days, and to self-isolate if any of these test results is positive.”

This is the first time since the start of the pandemic that the official guidance on house moves makes a distinction between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated buyer or tenant.

The new guidance goes on to say: “We urge everyone involved in the home buying and selling process to continue to follow good hygiene practices, including regular hand-washing, sanitising, and cleaning. These measures will help prevent the spread of infection.

“We encourage all parties involved to be as flexible as possible and be prepared to delay moves, for example if one of those involved becomes ill with Covid-19 during the moving process or has to self-isolate.”

The new government statement also reiterates previous advice when it says: “Property agents, conveyancers and other professionals may choose to retain some modifications to how they work to reduce the risk from Covid-19. These changes could impact your move and may include initial virtual viewings before in-person viewings, asking you to vacate your current property during viewings, and ensuring your property is thoroughly cleaned before someone else views it or moves in. We would ask that you cooperate with these measures where they are in place.”

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  • George Dawes


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    Of Course everyone should take as much precaution as possible but COVID doesn’t care whether you are under or over 18.5 years, not many buying at 18, people are spreading it like wild fire anyway, still congregating even when they know they have Covid and doing unnecessary Shopping it’s like they want to give it to others. New levelling up Dept’ indeed, do they not know you can level people up by levelling people down everyone will be levelled down. Please leave medical virus advice to NHS.

  • dale james

    Thin end of the wedge. Discrimination against a group albeit only about 23,000,000 unvaxxed in Wales & England but I'm sure it'll end up punishing landlords! Can there be any doubt of the governments agenda for small landlords at this point?

    Theodor Cable

    As long as the Govt. punish you regularly, then just put up your rents and fees...Just as they do.

    And inform your tenants that your increases are purely down to the Govt. and not you.
    At least then you might get more vocal complaints to Councils and Governments.

    Nothing to lose.

  • George Dawes

    For a virus with 99.8% survival rate , the whole thing is a ridiculous charade , not unlike the climate twaddle

    What happened to my body my choice and informed vaccine decisions?

    This isn’t about health , it’s about power and control

    Destroying the prs is just another step towards the totalitarian nwo government

    dale james

    Nice to see that landlords are awake too

  • icon

    Fraid so George

  • icon

    Sorry G, my friend, can’t agree on this one, it might be your body your choice but nothing stopping you giving it to me and I don’t want it.
    Sorry about my typo previous response regarding levelling up it was meant to be can’t not can. Although I read the Department would do far better to level up the pot holes, as already done for an MP’s driveway.

    dale james

    The jab doesn't stop the spread or stop infection - the world needs a little more critical thinking.



    The jab reduces the amount of time that infected people are contagious and able to spread the virus to even more innocent people.

    So the decision to not be vaccinated directly impacts others and their health, and the health of those that they themselves, may then unwittingly infect.

    There is critical thinking and there is wilful ignorance, and I think you might be straying into familiar territory.

  • George Dawes

    You can be triple jabbed and a booster and still get covid and still pass it on !

    Whereas natural immunity backed by a healthy diet , vitamin c and d etc , treat it like a cold , which it basically is or the flu in bad cases

    But then there’d be no money in it….

  • icon

    George I agree the mRNA vaccine doesn't stop the virus from spreading. You can contract covid being triple jabbed. An unvaccinated person is not a danger to a vaccinated person. Should be down to an individuals health & choice not the state. What is happening at the moment is almost dystopian



    An unvaccinated person is contagious for a longer period than a vaccinated person.

    Therefore, they are more dangerous to old / medically vulnerable people, than a vaccinated person.

    The unvaccinated also are more dangerous to the other people, as they can continue to spread the virus to a larger number of others, due to this longer timeframe of contagion.

    Also, the longer the virus is present in a human body, the greater chance there is of a mutation, and the creation of another variant.

    Because of this, again, an unvaccinated person is more dangerous to others, than a vaccinated person.

    These are simple, widely known facts.

  • icon

    If the majority of us had not been vaccinated the NHS would have been completely swamped and there would have been innumerable excess deaths from causes other than Covid as treatment for everything else would have stalled.

    As it is, many people have died unnecessarily and millions are living with pain due to cancelled operations. Some cancer patients cannot have chemo because of the lack of staff - the list of knock on effects of the pandemic is endless.

    Vaccination is not about the individual it is about our society so stop being so selfish and get vaccinated. That is the only way our hospitals can get back to treating everyone and all health conditions.

  • icon

    But it doesn't work properly the virus has changed and got weaker. That's how historically viruses work. It has caused injuries as well. Its outrageous that the state is one step away from a compulsory issue of a vaccine still in experimentation class. The ONLY reason to promote the booster was to stop the NHS from being overrun. It should only be offered to people concerned by their own low immune system What about our long term health?
    I will not be asking potential tenants on their vaccine status

  • dale james

    Vaxxed or unvaxxed makes no difference to me. All human beings albeit some are suffering from cognitive dissonance due to constant censorship by government. Make no mistake our properties are at risk

  • icon

    I know many that caught the virus and got over it quickly, others were poorly for a year. I knew about six that has died rip including my cousin in his 40’s living in Cardiff, that’s when it hits home, when all said & done it doesn’t matter too much about material things in life we’d rather not loose anyone.

  • icon

    Unfortunately its not a vaccination. (See Edward Jenner who invvented vaccines) Further excess deaths have shot up. When this started I wrote to Johnson statin that the cure is worse than the disiease! A lot of people are using covid as a giant skiveathon. Pfizer and Moderna directors have become billionaires and Boris is promoting these. This whole thing is full of Americanisms ie lockdown, furlough. There is a problem of myocardiatis. Big Pharma runs America.
    The whole thing is vvery similar to the tirade being directed at private ladlords, complete hyperbole.
    The NHS is their to protect the public, not the over way round.MY sister was declared deaddue to Covid, unfortunately she had had Dementia for over 5 years and was completely immobile.

    dale james

    Spot on, its just a transfer of wealth and we have yet to see what they do to take landlords property. EPC is the first 'wave' but tax is bad enough already!

  • dale james

    There is no data or study that suggests unvaxxed spread the virus for any longer than vaxxed. In fact, we all have the same viral load if we get it. The Vax however does help create variants by the very nature of its purpose.


    Makes perfect sense that but I am not campaigning for all pro vaccinators to be refused the choice to have one and I would expect the same respect for anti covid vaccine. Nuremberg code

  • icon

    This is so wrong its astounding.

    webmd .




    Please go back and retake A level Biology or at least google your statements before you make them and make yourself look more absurd.

  • dale james

    We will see

  • dale james

    I think most of the contributors on here know the agenda.

  • icon

    No conspiracy theories please my friends I hope any of you don’t spread it, we have the guidance of the best scientists in the World. What’s been suggested here is a kin to getting legal or financial advice down the pub. We’ll have to rewind back to our specialist subject the Housing Sector, horses for courses.

  • dale james


  • George Dawes

    It’s not even a vax , it’s an experimental mRNA gene therapy with unknown long term side effects , Google that !

    Looks like the nhs is just a front for big Pharma now and the politicians are all puppets mouthing the same mantra of build back better etc , running off to Davos for a slap up lunch and next years agenda .

    Look up Neil Oliver on gb news , he’s got it sussed .

    “ World leaders think the unvaccinated are next door to idiots, racists and misogynists.” Google that .!

  • George Dawes

    As for the epc , dale james hit the nail on the head , in the coming decade they’ll use climate change as an excuse to take your property off you and rent you a nice modern rabbit hutch , living in virtual reality and eating bugs all day , but you’ll be happy . Or doped out of your skull .

    Soylent Green , that’s the future …

  • icon

    Let them take them who cares it makes no difference to us, let the house the people and run them or raise them to the ground. We are the dogs bodies supplying the property to the market for free, to house maintain, furnish, license, pay all fees & penalties, pay taxes to keep them all, treated as second class citizens, Rogues & Criminals. What for its not for me I am doing it when I could have been retired years ago and not allowed to pass it to your children but you can to any old spouse or partner. I witnessed a dying man getting married at deaths door to a young woman to inherit. Regarding Corona it costs me tens of thousands with 5 properties becoming vacant in a short time that wouldn’t otherwise have happened but did for various connected reasons, a big spend then + loss of rent, AST have scored a goal now and one disallowed, night.

  • icon

    Well there are some strong comments on here, the rights and wrongs I certainly do not know, just for the record I've had my 3 jabs, and I'm leaving it there . I am surprised thought that our learned friends Leicester or Max haven't put us right with their vast knowledge about anything and everything


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