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Yet Again! Repeat offender landlord in court once more

A rogue landlord who has already been fined on numerous occasions for similar offences has now been served with a £5,000 fine and £9,000 in costs after failing to comply with a housing health and safety improvement notice.

In the latest case, Jack Collins of Leeds had to appear at Huddersfield Magistrates Court on January 17 accused of not complying with Leeds council’s notice requiring essential repairs at a rental property that was previously his family home.

Collins failed to carry out repairs that left his tenant and her two children for over three months with a leaking roof, dangerous electrics and rotten window frames where the glass was about to fall out.


Separate improvement notices had already been served on Collins regarding the same property - this required improvements to the appearance of a neglected house that had become a blight to neighbouring residents.

Collins, who pleaded not guilty, was fined £5,000 and Leeds council was awarded costs of £9,000 with a surcharge of £181.


A council spokesperson says: “It is completely unacceptable that this landlord has allowed his tenants to live in properties which are unsafe and in complete disarray.

“Landlords have a responsibility in law to ensure that they adhere to and comply fully with the housing regulations including proper and timely management. In this particular case, like previous occasions, this landlord fell considerably short of the standard expected and as a result, has received yet another fine.

“The safety of our residents remains our top priority and I hope this sends out a clear message that we will seek to use a range of enforcement tools if, as in this case, legislation has been disregarded by a landlord and a resident is living in a property that is substandard.”

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    Why are Landlords always referred to as Rogue’s on here. People are fined every day in all walks of life and not called Rogue’s.
    This Article about a woman and two kids would appear to be on Benefits, no mention of the Dad or his responsibility, Council claims £9’000. costs what for they didn’t do anything to improve the situation, looks like they wanted Benefit money back, this is happening lot. It was his former Home as well probably so fed up driven to gone beyond caring.

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    Here in Norwich we have almost daily local newspaper reports about properties with very similar faults all owned by the same landlord, no action taken, the landlord ? NORWICH CITY COUNCIL

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    Surly the council could have housed a woman with two children in some way then the landlord would not be getting rent, is their no control over where benefit monies go ?
    Also no way that if court fines are not paid, money is taken straight from that persons account. Ok, ok big brother taking over. Only in the case where was necessary as otherwise although judge said pay, means nothing if the person does not comply and got to just start again ! More money to be paid out by the person in the right !


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