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Big majority of tenants satisfied, but want more energy efficiency

Over two thirds of tenants are satisfied with their private rented accommodation, a new survey shows.

The finding comes in the results of a TDS Charitable Foundation research project with 2,002 participants aligned with the household types set out in the English Housing Survey.

Tenants were surveyed on their overall satisfaction, affordability and costs, property condition, views on agents and landlords, pets and rental reform.

The results of the survey included:

- Overall, 67.7 per cent of tenants were satisfied with their experience as a renter in the private rented sector;

- 70.4 per cent of participants agreed that they understood their rights and responsibilities as a renter, with 14.2 per cent disagreeing;

- Some 41.6 per cent said they could afford their rent easily but 12.6 per cent said they found it difficult to do so;

- 28.9 per cent of participants said they were able to paying their utility bills on a regular basis;

- 53.5 per cent of tenants felt their landlord could improve the energy efficiency of their property but 21.6 per cent stated there was nothing more their landlord could do;

- 38.6 per cent of tenants had a pet in their rental property, but only 47.9 per cent of tenants admitted to being allowed a pet as part of their tenancy agreement.

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    "28.9 per cent of participants said they were able to paying their utility bills on a regular basis". Presumably this is a typo??

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    I think in the real world the percentage of '' satisfied'' tenants would be more like 85-90% most apricate high rents are not caused by landlords and if living in older properties there is only so much that can be done to increase energy efficiency at a viable cost to both landlord and tenant


    And…. Not sure if it is just me. But I have never been asked what EPC the property is. Possibly because it’s in the ad. Or is it people are just desperate to take a property when it comes up because of the government caused shortage by driving Landlords out of the market.


    Never ever been asked about EPC and often found outgoing tenants hadn't shopped around for cheaper tariffs readily available before Government interference destroyed the free market for energy.


    I would guess the EPC rating is a low priority when you are fighting for a property, you just need somewhere to rent, but once you have moved in, it then becomes a higher priority.


    Never been discussed with me even after tenants have moved in and as I said above, no effort made to shop around and get a cheaper deal when they were readily available.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Last EHS survey was 83 % satisfied, which really spoils the Anti-Accommodation providers ( yes that's Landlords )
    I think a change in description of us to ' Accommodation providers ' may help to focus the minds of Tenants and campaign groups ?

    Even these smaller sample TDS figures, given these difficult financial times for Everyone, is surprisingly pleasing.

    For certain, 70% of the public are Not satisfied with Politicians !

  • George Dawes

    No they don’t , they want a nice quiet safe warm roof over their heads

    Nobody outside klaus loony schwabs deranged mind gives a monkeys about all this energy efficient drivel

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    I topped up all the loft insulation in my properties two years ago. One set of tenants refused to let me do so because it was too disruptive with all their stuff in the loft!!

    Mind you these were tenants who used the immersion for hot water in the summer rather than their gas boiler until I pointed out it really would save them money to use the gas!


    some mothers do 'ave 'em

  • icon

    Tricia I agree lofts are full, full full even though they were told not for storage. Also every part of the house is full and the longer they are there the fuller it is / has accumulated.
    How are we to do maintenance or keep the property up to date especially now with Mr Michael Gove’s WHITE PAPER where the Tenants are to be permanent installed, how can some clueless person like this be put in charge of us ?.

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    You would need Wynns or Pickford’s to move them out, god help the next place but we are supposed to work with them in-situ.
    About the new licensing Schemes some just said well we’ll have to apply for a license that’s all, so naive they can’t apply without having fire doors & possibly jambs installed, fire hinges, door closers, locks with thump screws (not key operated from inside), hard wired inter-linked
    fire alarms, emergency lighting,
    Certificates for alarms & lighting (annual), gas certificate and service annual, Energy Performance Certificate to required level, windows restrictors, fire proof loft hatch to specification, fire proof stair soffits and hand rail spindles, possibly extra toilet and showering facilities, possibly additional cooking facilities or reduced your number of occupants. That will do for a start so it’s just a matter of apply at pay a fee is it ?, dream on and most Compliance keep recurring annually.
    I wonder what’s causing
    Homelessness, comply with all this and freeze the Rents, what School of Economics did they go to.


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