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100,000 Ukrainian refugees - how will landlords be able to help?

The National Residential Landlords Association is calling for clarity on how the private rental sector can help Ukraine.

Home Secretary Priti Patel says that 100,000 additional Ukrainian refugees will be allowed to come to the UK.

Patel says family members of those who are British nationals or have been given settled status - who do not meet the usual eligibility criteria but pass security checks - will be able to come to the UK for 12 months.


They will have to pass biometric and security checks but there will not be any salary or language tests, as are usually required.

However Ben Beadle - chief executive of the National Residential Landlords Association - wants more explicit guidance for landlords.

He says: “The scenes unfolding in Ukraine have been shocking. It is right that the UK provides all the support needed to those fleeing the conflict.

“We urge all private landlords to consider what accommodation they might have available to house those who want to come here. 

“To assist with this, it is vital that the government swiftly provides details as to how landlords can easily register properties that might be suitable for those who need homes.”  

So far neither Patel nor Hone Office officials have given guidance on how the Right To Rent policies will be applied to Ukrainian refugees seeking private rental accommodation in this country.

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  • George Dawes

    What about the many thousands on current waiting lists ?

    Maybe we should take care of our own before being so 'charitable'

    Richard Law

    Because the people on current waiting lists aren’t being bombed or shot at? Pathetic


    @Richard Law

    Name a period in either of our lifetimes where someone somewhere hasn't been getting shot or bombed. That DOESN'T mean that we are, or should be, the oasis in the desert to the rest of the world, importing substantial issues while failing to deal with the ones we already have.

    The negative impacts on society from our current approach to immigration far outweigh the positives, and because the issue is mired in politics, which our various populist Governments and opposition have pandered to for the past 25 years, it is surrounded by fallacies to the point where virtue signallers such as yourself trot out complete drivel, in total ignorance, so you can pretend that you care.

    Between 1970 and 2000, the population rose 3.3m in 30 years.

    In the 22 years since then, it's gone up by almost 9m.

    Totally unsustainable and counter productive. Only the ignorant and politically brainwashed could draw any other conclusion.

  • icon

    Maybe landlord associations should provide guidance to the Government on what is required by landlords to even begin to entertain such a service. Significant deregulation and changes to legislation particularly right to rent, improved eviction powers, Government funded deposits, subsides for landlord or government funded rent guarantees, epc level and carbon reduction targets removed. Landlords expect an income from their investments as do their mortgage providers. Bigger landlords may be in a better position to help (Lloyd's Bank etc). Smaller landlords are not a charity we are not in a position to help. Shelter will no doubt be very quiet on this subject!

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  • icon

    We don't have enough homes for our own people, how many landlords have empty properties? mine are snapped up as soon as they become available. The government have a problem, why would I want to help after what they are doing to me as a landlord ?

  • icon

    Sitting here in the peacefulness of the Uk, it is difficult for the majority of us to understand, what it’s like to suddenly be uprooted from you home, job, family and friends and having to literally run for your life.

    This is not even taking into account the fact they may not have a country to go back too, I agree with others that their is a crisis in terms of supply, but that does not stop us doing what we can, think if this was your family and you had to leave everything around you, and run….. and keep running with only what you can fit in a suitcase.


    I feel for them as I'm sure most of us do but this is something for the government to sort out, I for one am not a charity, I'm sorry if that sounds hard but that's the way it is.


    @ Simon Logan.

    The same thing happened to my Grandad after the war, running for his life from the Communists. I have gut wrenching sympathy for each and every one of them.

    None of this changes the fact that the UK's current approach to immigration is unsustainable and counter productive. For every refugee we help, we are also not only aiding a substantial amount of seriously dangerous people (I suppose you thought the process of deciding who comes here was democratic and based on need, yeah?), but we are hindering those already here and in need.

    The past 25 years have seen a 300% rise in the immigration rate. Quite simply, we are at capacity and this can't continue to go on.

  • icon

    If europ was helping the poor people of Ukraine it would be sending troops across there , not to fight at first but to be in their way so tp speak if the Russian troops did kill or soldiers that would be a turning point.
    I believe in charity "begins at home" simple. how many wars are on at any one time all over the world?
    Wikipedia lists around 40 ongoing wars 20-21

  • icon

    This is a personal choice. I will help as a Landlord to assist the Ukrainians. I served in Iraq, Bosnia and Kosovo. Seeing death and mutilation first hand, especially children never leaves you.

    In agreement with comment above the UN need to go in as peace keepers, we cannot be scared of Putin. We went in originally as peace keepers to Bosnia under the umbrella of UN. We could only return fire if we came under attack and would have to dis-engage as soon as hostilities stopped.

    I just hope that the Russian people can rise up against Putin and his cronies.

  • Elizabeth Ablett

    You know only one side of the story, because you do not have a chance to listen the other side. 8 years Ukrainians are bombing Donbass area. Where Russians and Ukrainians live together, but do not want to be a part of Ukraine because of nationalist government. 12 000 civilians were killed, 200 children are buried. 8 years and NOBODY BOTHERED. NATO surrounded Russia with hundreds of military basis with nuclear rockets and bacteriological laboratories, only in Ukraine they have 8 laboratories. Officially those institutions don't belong to American government, they all belong to private parties, but do their dirty jobs on their behalf. As soon as Russia decided to sort the situation, all Europe began to cry. Please, do not take me wrong, I am against ANY war. But we need to see evidence from BOTH sides. All mass media in the country show just one side of the story. And a lot of clear Fakes. I saw a short report when european reporter was standing in the street showing dead bodies of Ukrainians in the black bags and one of them wanted to stand, the Sdustant xame up, put him back down and the broadcasting continued. President Zelinski declared 13 soldiers dead who stood till the last soldier defending the island Zmeinii, but actually there were 82 soldiers and they surrendered to Russian army and staying on Russian military base, safe and sound, sending msg to their relatives. Lots of information from independent sources and you can find
    Info from both sides and compare. During the conflict a lot of lies from all sides and sources. Find info and think yourself. Our government is kidding us.
    Once again, I am against the war, people need to talk and compromise. There is always a way to fond a solution. BUT BOTH PARTIES should be willing to talk.

    Daniela Provvedi

    I agree with you Elizabeth.
    I am also against all wars, and the MSM (main stream media) normally do report just one side.
    There is a lot of information from outside the MSM, but I wonder whether people bother searching for it and listen/read it.

  • icon

    Elizabeth, there is two sides to this storey or three. We are sending weapons to Ukraine from loads of Countries, in many cases Ukraine to fight Ukraine to kill each other and flatten the place how is that going to help, as well as Russia doing a big Demolition job it’s crazy so much suffering, sad, tragic & ridiculous. Thousands killed, hundreds of thousands injured, millions displaced or gone to neighbouring Countries. The World virtually united in closing down the banking system of another Country allegedly to stop the war.
    America has a National debt of $25 Trillion, it’s not a secret but on display on the big screen in Times Square it doesn’t seem to affect their ability to support a war or function domestically.
    Our home economy is going to get hit hard for all, diesel at Esso garage £1.59 per litre.

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