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Fledgling landlords trade group to stage tech exhibition this month

The Portfolio Landlords Action Network - PLAN - is to hold its first tech exhibition with five companies explaining their benefits for multi-owning landlords.

PLAN launched in November and says it’s standing up for landlords who operate full time on a professional and ethical basis with 75-plus units. It has over 30 members with 5,000 properties between them.

On February 23 it’s holding the exhibition, which it says is open to all landlords and not just PLAN members. 


The organisation says this is the start of a series of events backed up by information available on its website. 

It says these events will attempt to curate the exhibitors to make clear in plain English exactly what is on offer and how it could be of value to landlords, will the encourage networking between user groups for the different technologies, and will seek out tech suppliers which may not be on the radar of landlords currently. 

A statement from PLAN says this is necessary because the private rental sector is on the verge if radical change, but that many landlords are not geared up to choose or implement technology. 

“Usually it is not a lack of funds but a lack of time or the necessary skills or interest to do so. And because many great techs are so low cost  they cannot offer meaningful support. Do a test. Type in electronic signature software and see the pages and pages of choices and reviews there are. How does one choose which one is the best?  Even when you do make a choice how easy is it in practice to actually implement that choice successfully?” asks the organisation. 

For a free invitation to the exhibition - details of which are being finalised this week - visit the website www.landlordportfolio.co.uk.

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