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Government issues revised Right To Rent guidance for landlords

The government has issued new Right To Rent guidance for landlords.

It makes only minor modifications to previous versions but the latest 80 page document advises a landlord, letting agent or homeowner how to conduct a right to rent check when letting privately rented accommodation. 

As before, the guidance sets out the specific actions they can take to prevent liability for a civil penalty. 


This is called establishing a statutory excuse against liability for a penalty.

This guidance applies to residential tenancy agreements granted on property located in England.

The Right to Rent Scheme applies only to residential tenancy agreements first entered into on or after December 1 2014 in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Dudley, Sandwell and Walsall, and on February 1 2016 in the rest of England.

You can see the new guidance here.

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  • George Dawes

    80 pages ? 😂

    Keep it clean and safe , there that saved you reading that load of red tape crap

  • icon

    The SNP's "model tenancy agreement" is 37 pages with a further 38 page "guide for tenants" which apparently is an attempt to explain what on earth the first 37 pages are all about.

    I only ever get asked one question. "Where do I sign?"

  • icon

    This is beyond ridiculous and yet another 'trip wire' purposely added to hinder a landlord's right of possession. Beware if your paperwork (the reams of it) are not 100% correct. Not only that, you need to evidence Tenant receipt. Your word against theirs will not fly.
    I wonder how long it will be until landlords have to start supplying toilet paper?....

  • icon

    Not required by myself....... if the current tenants leave then i am selling, if they stay and the EPC C comes in...... I am selling !

  • icon

    I love the Right to Rent share code system. If that could be the standard system for all tenants of all nationalities (including British) we would eliminate so many potential pitfalls.

    Bill Wood

    I suppose I will have to read it eventiually.

  • icon

    Jo, the codes are another nuisance and a layer of unpaid stuff to deal with. When you have sharers you get all their identifications passports etc ready to sign Contract then someone code don’t go
    through its a complete stop for everyone. The codes are genuine to start with but only have a life span of a month as I understand it, and they have to re-apply for a other code, please correct me, they are just making everything impossible.


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