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Help us change lives - council’s plea to private landlords

A London council chief is asking for help from private landlords. 

The leader of Kingston council in the south west of the capital says the council is trying to juggle the needs of local residents with its commitment to provide a sanctuary to those fleeing crises across the world, such as in Afghanistan.

Councillor Andreas Kirsch says: “We are in the midst of a housing crisis - in Kingston there are over 900 households living in temporary accommodation and 3,700 on our housing register for social housing.


“Having a secure and comfortable home is something everyone should expect. It is our job to make this a reality for all Kingston residents, and we are doing all that we can to ensure this - such as through building our first new council homes in a generation, and through developing a new innovative approach to rough sleeping. But we need your help.

“Across Kingston, there are hundreds of empty privately owned properties which we believe can be utilised to both support the landlord, and to provide much-needed accommodation. 


“The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames has a long history of stepping up when there are people in need, and in recent years we have had many generous landlords let out their properties through our resettlement schemes, which recently supported Syrian refugees, and our Private Leasing Schemes, for those in housing need in the borough. 

“So, if you are a landlord in Kingston with a property that is empty or soon to be empty, please come forward.

“Guaranteed income for your property is available through these schemes, as well as incentives to sign up. More than that, though, you will be contributing to our proud collective history as an inclusive borough - and you will be changing a family’s life.”

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    I would rather sell the my property than give it to the council or giving it to a refugee.

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    The Council’s are not helping the situation by pushing LL’s off the edge of a cliff, then turn around and ask for his help.

    Theodor Cable

    Well.....they sure ain't getting their hands on any of my properties ever ever.....never....

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    Okay council, you rent my house from me on a commercial full repairing and insuring lease for full market rent paid quarterly in advance, returned to me vacant and in good condition after 5 years, those are my conditions take it or eave it.

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    I believe they would but there’s the issue of trust, nothing to stop them down the line finding fault and getting a rent repayment order to claim their money back, also any tax you paid the mean time they keep that as well, when I posed the question in front of thousands at Brent Civic Centre that was the reply by Rudolph head of the Sector there.

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    I've had dealings with 7 Council's where I have properties. Just one has been helpful, proactive and has shown real knowledge on dealing with issues that I have had.
    Of these hundreds of empty houses how many are being sold?
    Lastly, now Landlords are being asked to bale out incompetent Councils.
    You cannot make it up!

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    It’s like being asked for a favour from your Mugger!!

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    Croydon Council is a good example how not to run a business. The 32 Borough’s wouldn’t last a week if they had to run it like a private business.
    The Council’s are there to serve the Public but now it turns out we are their servants.

  • Theodor Cable

    And they have a £60,000,000 loss and no one knows where that is!!!
    Absolute frauds, ands not one of them has been been taken to task, never mind prosecuted for theft.

    How come the Govt. did absolutely nothing. Or the police?
    Probably all were in it!!!

  • George Dawes

    From my dealings with the council I’d rather burn my house to the ground

  • icon

    Well a resounding big green tick for the councils then :)

    I concur though with the general mood of this one, not a hope in hell would i ever do what they are proposing.

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    Removal of Section 21 hit a sore nerve, what does Mr M Gove know about housing but nothing they are switching their jobs around from one Department to another interfering with businesses they know nothing about, all they can do is talk talk.
    We had over 10’000. hits on here regarding Section 21 what other subject generates that kind of interest.

  • icon

    Michael - Totally agree, even though it has been on the cards for a while now, it still feels that a line in the sand has been crossed.


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