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Litter-bug landlord pays hundreds after fly-tipping

A private landlord has been slapped with a £400 fine for allowing a tenant’s waste to be fly-tipped on the site or a rural trail in east Devon.

The £400 fixed penalty notice, reduced to £200 after being paid within 10 days, was given for the landlord’s lack of care after a mess was left by one of the landlord’s tenants.

The un-named landlord was then unable to demonstrate they had used a licenced waste carrier to dispose of it.


East Devon council is investigating the unlicensed waste carrier and says further enforcement may occur.


A council spokesperson says: “This is a good reminder to residents and landlords that their responsibility for their waste doesn’t end when they pay someone to take it away.

“It is so frustrating, that with so many wonderful volunteers spending their spare time picking up rubbish and litter in our beautiful countryside and on our beaches that some people think they can get away with fly tipping.

“I can assure you, we will always prosecute, if we can identify the person responsible, and to those great volunteers thank you.”

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    Was the tenant fined ? after all it was their rubbish.
    It would be a good idea for all ''hands on '' landlords to get a waste carrier licence, I have one, fill a form out online and pay the fee, £39, back covered

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    This article lacks clarity , has the Tenant dumped the waste ? or has the landlord dumped the ex tenants waste after the tenant have vacated ?


    I don't think the landlord would have volunteered to dump the tenant's waste!

    For years, Glasgow City Council refused to uplift tenants' waste free if the landlord requested a bulk uplift - but they would uplift it free if the tenant asked! However greed has now prevailed and they charge everyone for bulk uplifts - with the inevitable rise in fly tipping.

    Fly tipping wasn't such a major problem before tenants were charged with only landlords and commercial businesses charged for bulk uplifts - which proves that reputable landlords and businesses are NOT the main culprits.

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    I never understood why Council’s don’t always or sometimes take similar Domestic Waste just because it originated from a Tenant as apposed to other Domestic users, when the same full Council tax is being paid, even when I take it on their behalf I am charged, no wonder there is so much fly tipping.


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