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Pets in rental properties - is more due diligence the answer?

A major supplier to the lettings industry has just acquired a pet referencing company and suggests that greater due diligence could be a way of getting more pets accepted by private landlords.

The Lettings Hub has snapped up PetsScore, a pet referencing company that operates in both the short and long-term rental markets.

The acquisition comes as interest in pet-friendly accommodation outweighs other areas of growth - at least according to The Lettings Hub -  with demand for pet-friendly property up 120 per cent in 2021 compared to the previous year. 


Chief executive Heidi Shackell says: “3.2m households have acquired a pet since the start of the pandemic, with 59 per cent of new owners aged 16 to 34 years old, so it’s common sense that we’ll see this translate more and more into the rental market and tenants’ needs. Getting a pet is a long-term responsibility, and we are seeing the ‘pet issue’ gain momentum at government level too.”

She says her company is working on “solutions” that give those landlords and letting agents that already allow, or want to consider pets, additional information, and protection to make informed decisions. 


“Some landlords and letting agents have previously had bad experiences with pets in property or are not keen to take an ‘unnecessary’ risk when there are so many tenants queuing for each property right now. Others will continue to rely on deposits or higher rents to offset the risk of pets” she admits. 

But she continues: “We also believe a significant section of the market are looking towards newer solutions, focused on better due diligence and increased protection for landlords, whilst providing tenants with a valuable tool to overcome objections and encourage more long-term lets. PetsScore forms a key part of the total digital pet package we are developing, and we’re excited to have completed this acquisition as an important step towards achieving that.” 

PetsScore founder Natasha Homer-Earley adds: “Pet ownership is at an all-time high, getting on the property ladder has never been furt

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  • George Dawes

    Dog to the left of me , another to the right . Here I am stuck in the middle with woofs

  • icon

    My answer is simpler.

    No pets, no ifs, no buts!

    Theodor Cable


  • icon

    Landlords won't have a choice eventually... It will be illegal to refuse a tenant because they have a pet... That's what it's coming to.... And that's why I'm getting out while I can... You invest and risk your hard earned cash only to have your rights stripped away and taxed unfairly.. and you're expected to smile and say thank you... Not me!!!


    No they are not getting away with that one, I chose who lives in my properties

    Theodor Cable

    How will they know?
    I can decide NOT to allow anyone in my houses if I want and I do not have to justify it.

    Even if they ask I will just say I am alergic to animals, and in fact, I don't like the way the tenants smell.

    That will work for me.

    Theodor Cable

    All you have to do is to just say you do not let the tenants in your property - - there is always a way round that...Like not signing the contract?

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    The Regulators keep telling us what we must accept, where’s our say. I noticed they have one already that they are not supposed to have, 20 little bags of poo outside back door rubbish piled on top where the bin men don’t collect, they collect the bins from the front. The bins also poo stuck inside the bottom of the bin, that’s alright then fine the LL for been so stupid to provide the accommodation, keep LL’s out at all costs we’ll do whatever we want.

  • Matthew Payne

    Im sorry, but pet referencing is absolute nonsense. It will simply be a collection of useless documents like worming certificates, microchipping etc, along with a supposed previous landlord reference which isnt worth the paper it's written on.

    The Q to ask if they actually provided any value is: Do they reduce the risk for a LL? The answer for me is no, only cash can do that. If someone thinks the answer is yes, I would be keen to hear what mechanism is finacially underwriting this reference to cover end of tenancy cleaning and dilaps. I assume LLs aren't being asked to take a leap of faith that this reference can be relied upon, and when they realise they it can't they have to foot the bill anyway?

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    I don’t mind a pet as long as it’s a Goldfish!

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    I take it that most of you are not animal people. If you do in fact own pets, I hope that you are never in the position where you have to make the heart breaking decision to give your pets up, in order to put a decent roof over your kids heads. This last couple of years have been extremely difficult for a lot of people in an animal loving nation. I agree that not all pet owners are responsible, believe me I have been in the animal care industry for most of my life, but there are alot out there that do really care, and need a chance. What is the problem in there being some sort of additional insurance, or checks ?? My pets have always been vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, insured, cleaned and well behaved. If tenants comply, agree to the above, and maybe a few more landlord visits per year, then what is the problem ?? Times have changed, and there are many more pet owners out there now than there ever was. You shouldn't victimize people. Some peoples pets are their children - it might sound stupid, but if you own a pet you will understand. I might as well also add, that there are many more depressed children and adults out there, their pets can be a lifeline. Maybe read up on emotional support pets, it can mean the world of difference.


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