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Shelter backs Boris Johnson levelling up rental reforms

Campaigning charity Shelter says the government’s rental reform programme is “a crucial step forward”. 

The Levelling Up White Paper insists landlords ensure their private rental properties meet the Decent Homes Standard - originally designed for social housing - and has also announced plans to end Section 21 repossessions, consult on a national register of landlords and develop plans to better tackle rogue landlords.

Now Osama Bhutta, campaigns director at Shelter, says: “Today’s commitment from government is a crucial step forward and offers hope to the millions of people being held back by the housing emergency. 


“You cannot level up the country without safe and secure homes. The devil will be in the detail, so the government now needs to set out how it will deliver on its promises.

“Renters have had a rotten deal for years. Far too many have been forced to live in shoddy conditions, afraid to complain for fear of eviction. 

“Major reforms of the private rental sector are long overdue – these commitments to drive up standards and make renting fairer could transform renters’ lives. The government must now get on and deliver its Renters’ Reform Bill.



“But you cannot level up the country or tackle homelessness without more homes people can actually afford. 

“The government says it wants to increase the number of genuinely affordable social homes, now it must set out a plan for significant investment in social housebuilding to tackle the housing emergency head on and truly level up once and for all.

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    Shelter supporting Tory policies - just proves how wrong those policies must be!

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    The people ''forced'' to live in homes in poor condition are the rogue tenants that no decent landlord with good properties would touch with a barge pole, we know who they are.


    Exactly bang on. They can’t provide decent references and karma hits them. Good properties go to good tenants that can live properly or should that not be the case?


    My LA actively house tenants with these (known) Lis because they don't have the accommodation for them themselves!!!

  •  G romit

    ....."levelling up" rents to London levels!!👍👍

  •  G romit

    “Renters have had a rotten deal for years. Far too many have been forced to live in shoddy conditions, afraid to complain for fear of eviction."

    Has #Shelter not heard of the Deregulation Act 2015????

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    The door is open. No one is being Forced to live there.
    I thought they were complaining about being Forced out.

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    'Shelter supports Boris Johnson'...

    Now I KNOW the world has gone crazy! What kind of society are we living in??

    PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Boris needs all the support he can get, and it will likely be Only Shelter that does support him !

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    I still have a copy of the previous Green Paper called “The Legislative Framework for Private Renting“ follow the 1988 Act which came into Force 15th January 1989 when all Tenancies became Assured Shorthold Tenancies (unless otherwise covered by Schedule 1 of the Act) unless I as understood was people who already had an Assured Tenancy.
    The point that I feel is being missed here is we keep banging on about the remnants left of Section 21 and of course we all know it has been depleted to almost useless as regards the eviction process. However it not just this that’s being scrapped but by implication bang goes all Assured Shorthold Tenancies that I fought so hard for and lobbied MP’s and Ministers all those years ago for when there was no Buy 2 Let Market or Mortgage’s, what ever few of us that was there then used Commercial Loans.
    Please wake up and realise what is happening to the ownership of your property and what many of you worked hard for to achieve.

  • George Dawes

    Levelling up … don’t they really mean lowering down ..to the lowest common denominator


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