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Airbnb landlords accused of massive price hike at special events

Shock figures suggest that Airbnb owners are charging up to 600 per cent more to stay at their properties during major events such as the Glastonbury Festival and the British Grand Prix. 

A study by website Money analyses the average nightly cost of an Airbnb over the dates of major events this coming spring and summer. 

The average cost of an Airbnb in the same area was also taken for the week before the event, to demonstrate the difference in price, and reveal where Airbnb hoists have hiked charges the most. 


The Glastonbury event - headlined this year by Paul McCartney and Billie Eilish - has triggered rises of Airbnb properties in the area by 221.6 per cent, according to the Money analysis.

After a record-breaking attendance in 2021, the Formula 1 British Grand Prix is expected to again be the biggest sporting event in the UK, causing Airbnb prices to soar by 235.5 per cent. An average nightly Airbnb can be seen to jump from £186 to £624 during the event. 



In recent years there has been growing criticism of Airbnb hosts taking advantage of major events.

This has particularly been the case in Edinburgh, the city with what is believed to be the highest proportion of Airbnbs in the UK, and where in recent years - at least before the pandemic - charges rocketed around the time of the annual summer arts festivals.

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    Is that not the normal business practice of supply and demand? You cover costs and mae what return can be made when demand is there, and discount to get the business at times when supply outstrips demand. No surprise there!


    Agreed. Business as usual for the airline industry. Non story.


    100%correct Emily... What a load of tosh this story is!

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    Well don't hotels do the same thing ?

    Bill Wood

    Try even getting a hotel room during the Munich Octoberfest!
    We have resigned ourselves to going to the Spring Festival instead, just as good and 1/3 price.

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    What about during school holidays?

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    Sorry but this is not news and not shocking. The hospitality industry is built on the principles of supply and demand - this is what keeps the rooms full in low season, and ensures availability in the high season. I thought everyone was already aware that most hotels and airlines run all their pricing off algorithms that adjust the prices automatically based on demand. No bookings, prices come down, lots of bookings prices go up.

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    When will there be a newspaper story about airlines putting their prices up say school holidays or peak season never I suspect as everyone says it is supply and demand. But whoever said MP,s or newspapers had any form knowing the rules of running a business

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    I think we all know about price rises, supply & Demand now with Wheat & Oil going through the roof.


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