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Labour council’s huge licensing scheme wins government backing

All private rented homes in Oxford will need a licence from this September, following a green light from the government.

Some 49.3 per cent of all Oxford’s homes are now privately rented. 

An independent review of housing conditions in 2020 found that a fifth (6,200) of the 30,500 homes in Oxford’s private rented sector could have a serious housing hazard.


Currently only HMOs require a licence to operate, although these make up less than 15 per cent of private rented homes in Oxford. 

Approval of selective licensing means that all private rented homes will need a licence, requiring private landlords to show that they are complying with the law by meeting safety and management standards, being a ‘fit and proper person’ and meeting council waste storage and disposal requirements.



The selective licensing scheme will run for five years and starts on September 1.

A five year licence will cost £480, with an early bird discount of £400 for landlords who apply within the first three months. 

There will also be a discounted fee of £280 for accredited landlords.

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    And as we all know, it's not just the licence fee. Once the council chap with his clipboard has been round to the house, there'll be a list of demands (like the replacement of a nearly new plastic consumer unit with a metal one - that had my electrician scratching his head!). Rents are expensive enough as it is in Oxford. They'll be going up again to pay for all of this

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    When Glasgow did this in 2004, the rents for the best properties went up 30%, same happened in December 2017when the SNP banned mutually agreed fixed term tenancies and limited landlords' rights to end tenancies.

    Oxford tenants should be very afraid!

  • George Dawes

    Tories and labour 2 sides of the same corrupt coin

  • Mick Roberts

    Bad as it is making more homeless, half the price of Nottingham

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    Grumpy Doug, you are right when she comes we Clip Board she won’t know where to stop, have you all fire doors self closing, inter linked fire alarms, emergency licensing, if you have more than 5 you’ll need another kitchen sink, another cooker, another Shower & toilet, security retainers on windows to stop kids falling out but not lockable as key might get lost, on the other hand all windows must be lockable, 3 coats of special fire protection coatings on kitchen units near cookers, make sure you stair case soffit and sides are up graded to fire proof, all doors lockable from outside but un-keyed openable from inside, hang the notice Board in correct place I had to move it from living room to hallway, fire proof hatch to roof, make sure you have all the Certificate’s, plenty more, if she has to come back £85. per hour,


    Sorry Michael but there is nothing to like about your post! It's all really concerning that the councils demand exceptionally high standards of the PRS whilst allowing their own tenants to languish in unfit properties.

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    Indepent Review. By whom ? And when ? Sample, how many and how detailed ?


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