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Landlord group backs MPs’ condemnation of rental property conditions

The National Residential Landlords Association has backed a far-reaching report by a group of MPs which has condemned the quality of private rental accommodation, and slammed the enforcement of regulations by councils and government.

The all-party Public Accounts Committee of the House of Commons says an estimated 13 per cent of the private rented sector stock poses “a serious threat to the health and safety of renters” which is costing the NHS an estimated £340m each year.

At the same time the PAC claims enforcement of the sector “is a postcode lottery …with 21 per cent of all privately rented homes in one region estimated to be severely unsafe”. 


The MPs say tenants face increasing rents, a rising number of low-earners and families renting long-term, and the prevalence of Section 21 evictions leaving households at risk of homelessness; and when trying to enforce their right to a safe and secure home private “renters face an inaccessible, arduous and resource-intensive court process and the risk of retaliatory eviction.” 

The committee goes on to claim that there is also evidence of unlawful discrimination in the sector, with 25 per cent of landlords unwilling to let to non-British passport holders and 52 per cent unwilling to let to tenants who receive Housing Benefit.

Commenting on the report, the NRLA chief executive Ben Beadle - who provided oral evidence at the committee’s hearings - says: “Today’s report rightly makes the case for a comprehensive, data driven strategy for the private rented sector. Too often reforms have been piecemeal, based on insufficient information to understand their true impact or how workable they are. 

“Such a strategy needs to include assessing the impact of reforms on the supply of homes for rent at a time when demand for them is soaring."



He continues: “We agree with the Committee’s concerns about the postcode lottery that exists in tackling rogue and criminal landlords. Tenants and responsible landlords are being let down by the pitiful lack of enforcement action by councils using the array of powers available to clamp down on bad practice in the sector. 

“Our research shows however that landlord licencing schemes are not a panacea to improving this.

“As Ministers prepare to publish plans for further reform, they should heed the Committee’s call for them to better understand the enforcement needs and capacity of local authorities.”

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  • James B

    ben beadle acting for the government again rather that those landlords who pay him.


    Glad I don't pay him!

  • icon

    Come back Mr Richard Lambert the ones running the show now have alternative agenda.

  • icon

    Why is Ben Bradle representing tenants and not landlords now? He has no problem with S21 being abolished???

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Let me get this straight, - the National Resi LANDLORD Association backs Condemnation of the PRS ? WTF !
    As if Landlords don't have enough to put up with Tenant groups attacking them - without a pseudo-Landlord body joining in.
    Why are are the Landlord members paying to support this organisation ? v- its lie Turkeys voting for Xmas.

  • icon

    It was all working quite well till Osborne started the attack on the Private rental sector . Knowing full well that it would cause an housing shortage and increase in rents . Because it had been tried and failed in Ireland.
    Then allowing councils to issue eye watering fines against Landlords without having to go to court , where the council is Judge Jury Executioner and beneficiary . As for selective Licenses what morons in the Secretary of states office are allowing blanket selective license to areas. Do they really believe , the councils who claim that whole of their areas have low housing demand occupied by nothing but anti-social Private renters. If this is the case in in any area should the Councillors not all resign ?

  • icon

    Stephen. I don’t think they can blanket a whole area or Borough with Selective Licenses but they can Select 2 or 3 wards it’s a limited to a percentage of Borough, Anyway it makes little difference as they get you with Additional & Mandatory licensees to cover whole Borough depending on the type of person you let to, so it is Discrimination.
    It was a sad day NLA joined up with RLA and end up with this guy in Charge supporting Councils against Landlords, imagine that if you hired a Lawyer and he sided against you this is the same,
    Yes Stephen George Osborne done so much damage then ran away, after add 3% effetely doubling SDLT, now Editor of Newspaper, just add John Prescott labour Deputy Prime Minister the Architect of the licensing Schemes, I can’t think of one Council or MP that’s done anything to support us landlords and when your ceo born with a silver spoon in his mouth is not fighting our corners what chance Howe got.


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